"15 important success tips you need to succeed in life" by Evang.Tunji Oyedokun

You have been given a pen and paper, rewrite your story to suit your purpose in life. Decide to do the things that matter when they matter.

#1. Take the helmet of Salvation. Pray, fast and read the Word of God always. Submit yourself to Holy Spirit and be filled with the power, fire and authority of God ( See Eph 6:17-18).

#2. Don't listen to all those side talks about you. Don't let their opinions about you stop you from pursuing your dreams. Cut them off (See Eccl 7:21).

#3. Be very bold! Decide to take life on. Don't let fear stop you from trying to achieve success (See 2 Tim 1:7)

#4. Believe in God. Believe in His power in your life. Believe in what you can do. The belief you have in yourself makes you achieve greatly (See Phil 4:13).

#5. Surround yourself with positive people that will make you grow. Remember the birds of a feather flock together (See Pro 13:20/Psalm 1:1).

#6. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Your mistakes do not make you a failure but your inability to learn some important lessons from your mistakes (See Psalm 37:24).

#7. Work very hard for your success. Whatever you work hard to get you value (Ecc 9:10/Rom 12:11).

#8. Be positive! Stop being pessimistic about your dreams. Always believe in possibilities (See Phil 4:8).

#9. Be responsible! Take charge of your life. No one is going to stand in for you and whatever you achieve in life depends totally on yourself (See Gal 6:4-5)

#10. Stop blaming others for your situation. Take all the blames and move on. The lessons will make you a better person (See Gen 3:12)

#11. Be hungry for success! Take calculated risk! If it comes out good you succeed and if otherwise, you'll be left with the experience. Cash in on it (See Esther 4:16)

#12. Find reasons that will keep you moving forward in difficult times. No one ever said it will be easy. Be hopeful (See Phil 3:13-14).

#13. Be patient! Give your dreams enough time to flourish in order to give you the success you deserve. Stick to your guns (See Rom 12:12).

#14. Be persistent and consistent in difficult situations, if there are no challenges, there won't be any success story (See Luke 18:3,5 & 7).

#15. Whatever happens to you in life, just don't stop moving forward in pursuit of a better life. You deserve success (See Deut 1:6-7).

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