INTERVIEW: Any minister who organizes programmes purposely to raise fund is not called by God- Cleric

Pastor F.A. Oke

The stage is set for the annual Night of 12 Prophets programme organized by Christ Apostolic Church, Peaceland District Headquarters, Lagos. The programme holds at the National Stadium, Surulere Lagos on Friday December 13, 2019 by 10pm. In this interview with CAC NEWS Editor, 'Gbenga Bankole, the District Superintendent of CAC Peaceland District, Odi Olowo DCC, Pastor F.A.Oke speaks on the programme which holds this Friday and other interesting issues. EXCERPTS!

What informed the annual Night of 12 Prophets?

It was the Holy Spirit that inspired me to start the programme and the promise of God is that He will use the programme to start end time revival. God told me many years ago that He will use me to keep the nation informed about Him. God said He will use me to make Jesus known to people, including my family at home. I am from a Muslim background. God told me He will use me to show Himself to my people. God told me four years ago after losing my first son that He wanted me to gather His people and start the programme in our church. We held the first edition in 2015 and it was very fantastic.  After the first edition, God told me we should continue to hold the programme and He said specifically that He will use the programme for the end time revival in CAC.

What has been the feedback you have been getting from the first to the third edition?

The first edition of the programme was great because the Lord proved Himself greatly and the second and third editions were marvelous. We moved from our church to an open space to hold the third edition. This year the Lord told us that we should go to stadium and that is why we are using national stadium in Lagos for this year’s edition. God has been justifying Himself from the first edition of the programme. There were many testimonies to the glory of God.

What is theme of the year’s edition?

The theme of this year’s edition is “Let There Be Light.”

Kindly shed more light on the theme

Indeed the darkest time in the history of the planet has come. The world is suffering from upsurge from the devil and his cohorts and we need light and spoken word from the oracles of God that will really deal with the power of the devil.

Tell us some of the invited ministers for the programme

The guest speaker of the day is Pastor Olu Aina. Other ministers whom God would use at the programme are Pastor Israel Olawadipo, Prophet S.O. Adebanjo, Pastor M.S. Olorunfemi, Pastor E.O. Agbele, Lady Evang. Esther John Ola, Pastor Peter Adu, Pastor Sunday Ogundare, Pastor Dan Oke and many others.

These days, ministers of God have different reasons for organizing programmes. Recently I heard that a minister of God who could not pay for 2019 Pastors’ Conference quickly organized a programme and raised money in order to be part of the conference. What is the motive behind organizing Night of 12 Prophets?

God is the motive behind organizing the programme. This programme is of God, it is not mine. When God asked you to do something and you do it accordingly there is a reward for you. Honestly I can’t even explain how God is doing it, but what I know is that God has been providing adequately for the success of the programme. If God truly called you as an individual, anytime you need anything, there will be provision. For everything the Lord has commissioned, there will be provision for it. It is wrong for someone to organize a programme for the purpose of raising money. The person is actually telling people that the Lord has not called him. If you are a real man of God He will make provision for whatever you need.

In what aspect do you think that The Light (Jesus Christ) can help solve present situation of this country?

Where there is light, there would be illumination. If we gather ourselves and pray earnestly, light will overshadow the darkness over the situation of the country. What is happening in Nigeria is beyond ordinary look. Nigeria needs the supernatural light of Christ to work on its present situation.  If we can preach the raw word of God there will be light and when there is light there will be change in Nigeria. We need fervent prayer for the survival of Nigeria. When darkness sees light, it will succumb.  Saul on his way to Damascus saw light and he surrendered. When our leaders in this country see the light of God, they will surrender and everything will be okay.

As we are looking forward to year 2020, what do you see happening in 2020? What is the Lord telling you?

Year 2020 would be a year of reckoning in the sense that those who serve God diligently shall be rewarded accordingly. God told me 2020 is going to be our year of divine multiplication.  Those who can serve God with all sincerity, 2020 would be okay for them, but those who do not know God will suffer in 2020. Many Pastors or Ministers of God will fall in 2020 because God will expose their evil deeds. Their manipulative approach to God’s work shall be exposed and many of them will die. But 2020 for those who can serve God diligently shall be a year of uncommon favour and grace and divine multiplication.
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