CAC Agbara DCC celebrates 10th anniversary, appoints new Elders, Deaconesses

By 'Gbenga Bankole

It was a celebration of God's faithfulness at the 10th anniversary of Christ Apostolic Church, Agbara Districts' Coordinating Council (DCC), Agbara, Lagos on Sunday October 13, 2019.

A total number of 11 Elders and 14 Deaconesses were appointed through laying on of hand by the DCC Superintendent of Agbara DCC, Pastor Joseph Omolola at the anniversary.

Agbara DCC, which was formerly Agbara Zone, was recently upgraded by the Authority of CAC Worldwide to DCC status.

To the glory of God, Agbara District Choir and Agbara Good Women DCC Choir ministered powerfully to the congregation.

While ministering on the theme of the anniversary which is "Sustain Your Relevancy," the DCC Superintendent, Pastor Omolola noted that life is in stages and each stage has its own challenge, stating that the newly appointed Elders and Deaconesses should be prepared for the challenges of their new positions.

He told the Elders and Deaconesses that they must get it right as they move to this stage of life, noting that all stages of life have their own peculiar challenges.

According to him, every challenge you overcome in life will introduce you to another complex or bigger one.

Pastor Omolola said there is no rest in this world, we will continue to overcome challenges until we die.

He added that one of his philosophies in life is that he doesn't believe in problems because problems are inevitable.

The Cleric stated that anyone who wants to be relevant must know how to solve problems or challenges and the number of problems you solve will determine how great you will become.

"Nobody will pay or recognise you until you solve their problems. Another thing you must know about problem is that you can solve it. Welcome any problem that comes your way, acknowledge the fact that you can't run away from it, sit down and begin to analyse how to solve it. This church started as an assembly three decades ago with one Evangelist with no Elder or Deaconess. About two decades ago we became a District with one District Superintendent, many Pastors, Evangelists, Trainers, Elders, Deaconesses, many assemblies, men and women, and able youth and wonderful children. Now that we have many assemblies, we are going to have complex problems. We have gained relevance and we must know how to sustain it," Pastor Omolola said.

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