Indiscipline, major causes of assault on Nigerian Church- Pastor Akinyomi

DCC Superintendent, Somolu Olaleye DCC, Pastor J.O. Akinyomi

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The DCC Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Somolu Olaleye Districts Coordinating Council (DCC), Pastor J.O. Akinyomi has identified indiscipline as the major causes of assault on Nigerian church.

He noted that some of the leaders of the church in Nigeria are not discipline enough for the task God has committed into their hands.

Pastor Akinyomi said this on Saturday July 20, 2019 while ministering on the topic "The Church Elders/Deaconesses and Christian Discipline" at the Ministers' and Workers' Refresher Course organized by CAC Oshodi Zone, Oshodi Lagos.

Using Christ Apostolic Church as an example, Pastor Akinyomi noted that it is indiscipline that makes Ministers to steal church money, particularly annual Seed of Blessing contribution.

He noted that some ministers in CAC, particularly Pastors steal from Seed of Blessing contribution on yearly basis, saying that some of them even use the money to buy cars for themselves.

"One of the dark sides of ministry today is the issue of ministerial casualties. Many soldiers and generals in God's army are being wounded and blown away by the traps and hazards of ministry. While majority are blaming the devil, yet the truth remains that indiscipline, self indulgence and lack of self-control played major parts in these unfortunate incidence. No minister or leader of the gospel can be truly successful in ministry without a constant and consistent adherence to certain ministerial disciplines. Ministerial disciplines help a church leader to keep to daily and regular self-inspection which is the key to ministerial respect and truth," the Cleric noted.

Pastor Akinyomi stated that financial fraudulence among Ministers, sexual scandals, pride, covetousness and worldly attainment, too much wrong eating and drinking, ministerial quarrels, jealousies and disloyalties, and refusal to take correction and criticism are part of indiscipline among this day Christian leaders.

He further stated that as a result of this indiscipline among ministerial folks, church members are loose and lax today, saying that they take offence at truth and don't want to be rebuked for their erroneous living.

According to him, ministers must be able to discipline their body as the temple of the Holy Spirit and also discipline their thoughts, emotions, feelings, eyes and words.

He urged ministers to engage in daily devotional reading of the Bible, daily and regular prayers, weekly fasting and seeking God, discipline of open and pure life, discipline of proper time and financial management.

The Cleric also said ministers must conduct themselves in respect and godly ways, demonstrate godly character of honesty, humility, tolerance, patience and selflessness, be polite to others and always neat, clean, moderate and cheerful.

"As ministers of the gospel, you must work on yourself and learn to deny yourself. Say No to your flesh and carnal tendencies, submit yourself to right Authorities, report yourself on any area of weakness and continue to evaluate your life," Pastor Akinyomi concluded.

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