We need to bring back our children to the peculiarities of Christ Apostolic Church - Pastor Joe Jacobs

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The DCC Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Amuwo Odofin Districts' Coordinating Council (DCC), Pastor Joe Jacobs has stressed  the need to bring back children of the church across the globe back to the peculiarities of the church.

He said Christ Apostolic Church, the first indigenous Pentecostal Church in Nigeria was called out of the Anglican Church to make a lasting difference.

He added that this was primarily to showcase the full measure of the demonstration of the anointing of the Holy Spirit, saying that by divine injunction the church was established on the platform of Nazarene and Apostolic mandates.

Pastor Joe Jacobs stated this on Wednesday June 12, 2019 at the 4th edition of the annual Workers' Refresher Course and Ministers' Retreat organized by CAC Life and Power zone, Ikorodu Lagos.

The former Youth Officer said the mandates given to the church by God include total consecration/separation unto God (like a Nazarite born for a special assignment such as the Biblical Samson and John the Baptist), and apostolicity (that is to live the highest level of life patterned after that of Jesus Christ).

The Cleric noted that it is an open secret that our generation has not been well taught in the peculiarities of our church and the deviation from these ancient landmarks is responsible for most of the challenges in our church today.

He said if we are not truly different from others, we cannot make any difference talk less of eternal difference.

According to Pastor Joe Jacobs, peculiarities of CAC are moral chastity (abstinence from formication/adultery), no use of jewelry, no fetish living, pungent messages, prophetic and solution-providing prayerfulness as well as evangelistic and missionary trips to win souls, to plant churches.

Other peculiarities according to him are revival that is aimed at soul-winning and church planting to the glory of God, sacrificial giving, meetings and consultations, spiritual tutelage, incessant but effective fasting and kingdom of God as the domineering topic.

"Christians, that is, those who are taught by the Holy Spirit are the major channels of establishing and enhancing eternal difference. If you're born again and married to a born again spouse, God is set to use you to promote eternal legacies that will glorify Him. Your knowledge of God, godly inheritance and training must be effectively and proficiently transferred to your entire household. This was God's expectation from Abraham, and He does not expect anything less from us today," the Cleric said.
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