CAC Life and Power Zone appoints new Elders, Deaconesses

By 'Gbenga Bankole

Christ Apostolic Church, Life and Power Zone, Odonla Ikorodu on Saturday March 31, 2019 appointed and inducted new executives.

The newly appointed Elders and Deaconesses who were referred to as "Christ's Royal Vessels" were inducted after going through well packaged training sessions which lasted for almost a month.

Pastor Mich 'Tunji Oladapo, the Zonal Superintendent of CAC Life and Power Zone said 25 Elders and 31 Deaconesses, totaling 56 appointees across the entire Zone were inducted forming the largest number of appointees so far in the history of Life and Power Family.

He said the last exercise of this nature took place on Saturday 12 March 2009 when they appointed and inducted seven Elders and four Deaconesses then under the auspices of CAC Ikorodu DCC.

Pastor Oladapo noted that they are not only celebrating the appointees, but equally to send them to their various assemblies and districts where they will be discharging their responsibilities according to what they have received during the pre-appointment training sessions and according to the standard set for their appointment in the word of God and to the Order of Service of CAC Worldwide.

According to him, among the topics covered during the training are: Appointment of Elders & Deaconesses- Justification and Implications; Elders & Deaconesses as Role Models; Relationship between Elders/Deaconesses and the Ministers of God; Conflicts and Crises resolution in the Church- Elders/Deaconesses' Approach; Elders and Deaconesses and Church Financing; Christ Apostolic Church - Brief History, Beliefs, Tenets, Teachings and Practices; Elders and Deaconesses as Sacrificial Givers, Elders and Deaconesses and Integrity; Elders and Deaconesses and their Family; and Empowerment for Excellent Performance.

"My dear "Christ's Royal Vessels," let me use this opportunity to remind you again of my opening address at the commencement of your training that no man receives anything except he is given from above. This means that God has decided to involve you in the next phase of His programme for the church. Be reminded that this call is more than a call to be titled. It is a call to serve. Remember also that to whom much is given, much is expected.  Your call and appointment came because of the urgent need for committed people, who could serve in the leadership capacity in order that the original intention of God for the church might come to pass," he stated.

While preaching at the programme on the topic "The Expectations of God and Man from You," the DCC Superintendent of CAC Ayegbami DCC, Pastor Moses A. Amole said before God put the new appointees in these positions, He knows about it, saying that God and Man are now watching to see how they will behave in their new positions.

He noted that one can be useful for God without occupying any position but when He puts one in any position, He expects one to do more for Him.

The Cleric further stated that: "it is the grace of God that you have received to be appointed not that you are the most qualified. You must know that the expectation of God is high."

According to Pastor Amole, God expects the appointees to be competent or up to the standard, fear Him, pray for peace and progress of God's work, be faithful and hate covetousness.

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  1. Congratulations to the new appointed Elders and Deaconesses. The Almighty God will release upon you the grace to function well and succeed in your responsibilities in Jesus name (Amen).

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