Amazing Easter Cantata at CAC Ogooluwatobi District

Easter is popularly known to be a period of time set aside every year by the Christians to commemorate and celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Easter presents the opportunity to re-examine and rekindle the lessons of the Passion of Jesus Christ through periods of fasting, prayer, retreats and so on.

However, it is always more than that here as Easter is garnished and spiced with Easter Cantata, and avenue through which love is fostered among brethren across various assemblies in the District. This idea was initiated few years ago and it has always proven to be a way of taking the celebration of the resurrection of the Lord to the next level. It normally comes up on Easter Monday hours after CAC Ife Chapter's Galilee programme on Alakowe Mountain.

This year's edition of the Easter Cantata was great and glorious as the District Superintendent, Pastor John Segun Oluwafemi, lead both the clergies and laities in the District to an atmosphere of joy explosion, praise, dance, prayers, word exposition and "dining and wining" to the glory of God.

The gathering was blessed with melodious and inspirational songs by the District Joint Choir and others in the District, hot prayer sessions taken by notable pastors in the District, powerful word and prophetic session titled Divine Visitation with text from Matthew 28:1ff taken by the District
Superintendent and love feast by all and sundry rose in a fearsome crescendo.

It was all celebration galore as if the sun should stand still but before the nightfall, the District Superintendent said the Grace and the congregation dismissed in a joyful and lovely mood. Praise the Lord.

Photo speaks!


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