Christmas:Jesus Christ came to save, not to condemn- Pastor Akinosun

By 'Gbenga Bankole

As Christians all over the world are commemorating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, the President of Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide, Pastor Abraham O. Akinosun has said
man is justly condemned to die for an unpardonable crime committed vicariously but Christ came to save man under certain conditions, this salvation is opposed to condemnation.

Pastor Akinosun stated that Jesus is the remedy to sin, who was made sin for us, adding that no one could redeem and save us but he whose judgment had condemned us and it was God Himself that found the ransom and the efficacy of Jesus’ advent gave us freedom.

He said there is hope for those who have a respect for Christ’s ministry, believe in His divine inspiration and authority.

Pastor Akinosun who stated this in his Christmas Carol message said the light that came through Jesus is sent into the world to reprove the evil deeds of sinners to make them manifest to expose the devil and his works.

"Evidently, God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself and so saving it. This is good-news to a convinced conscience, healing to broken bones and bleeding wounds that Christ, our judge came not to condemn but to save,"

"Therefore, gospel message must be prized highly and put it as a matter of greatest importance, to hearken and meditate on them diligently in order to tap the treasure there-in and to mix with our faith. We must embrace them in our hearts and affections, retain them in our memories and finally allow them to regulate our words and actions,"

"Even though if anybody neglects such, the word of God shall retain its truthfulness and faithfulness but such people have lost a treasure far better than thousands of gold and silver,"

"The neglecters of this great salvation will be left not only without power but without plea and excuse at the judgment day. If they were asked why, they will be speechless and self-condemned by their own consciences. Let us all take heed that we do not found among those wicked wretched sinners who neglect the grace of the gospel. To this effect, that we cannot afford to neglect such great a salvation, that we may be saved from so great sin and restore to us so great holiness, so great happiness, so great authority and irresistible power," the Cleric stated.


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