God is a Teacher by Lady Evang. Esther Ogunbayeje

I will bring the blind by a way they did not know; I will lead them in paths they have not known. I will make darkness light before them, and crooked places straight. These things I will do for them, and not forsake them” Isaiah 42:16

He teaches my hands to make war. So that my arms can bend a bow of bronze”                                                                    Psalm 18:34

A teacher imparts knowledge to or instructs (someone) in how to do something especially in a school or as part of a recognized programme. A teacher gives instruction (in subject and skill), causes to learn by example or experience, advocate as a practice (principle). Oxford Dictionary 2011. It is the duty of a teacher to inform, to impart knowledge, to guide, to nurture, to direct and redirect, to correct and discipline his/her student(s).

A good teacher delights in the students’ growth and development. A good teacher knows the students’ weakness, he/she spots where the students need extra attention and improvement. A good teacher knows how, when, where and how long to help a weak student. A good teacher uses all means possible to help the student learn and improve. He/she uses teaching aids, visual aids, stories, and exemplary lifestyle to teach his/her students. A good teacher delights in the students’ overall success.

God is a teacher. He teaches like the earthly teacher; He also teaches better. He is a good teacher. He uses all means to make sure we are imparted and mature. He teaches what we need and knows where and how to help us in our weak points. God teaches for purpose and on purpose. God teaches us practically and significantly, e.g. Jesus spoke in many parables.; He taught the people by using the language they understood and the day to day practical things around them., e.g. the parable of the sower Matthew 13:3-8. Jeremiah was to go to the Rechabites in Jeremiah 35, while Hosea was asked to marry a harlot to reveal the degree of the adultery of His people. Hosea 1: 2. God teaches us pragmatically and meaningfully.

In teaching His students, God uses different means: His word, godly mentors, nature and circumstances of life e.g. the burning bush in Exodus 3:1-22, ants, lizards and grasshoppers Proverb 6:6-8, Proverb 30:24-3&, people and events etc. God is a good communicator. He speaks in the language that His students will understand. He does not just talk for nothing but for a purpose.

In teaching, correcting or disciplining, God does these in love but with firmness. He does not mince word. He teaches gradually (precept upon precept), step by step, patiently, painstakingly, coherently and diligently till we get to the level He wants us to reach. God knows where we are and how to take us to where He wants us to be.

God teaches us many things/ lessons in life because life itself is a classroom. God is capable and wise to teach us all the things that pertain to life and godliness as well as fulfilling destinies. God teaches us the right things. He will never teach us what is irrelevant, unnecessary, or profitless (either to His kingdom or our lives). God has the resources to teach us everything we need to know at every stage of life and He will not leave any stone untouched.

God teaches us things of heaven and eternity, godly virtues (perseverance, compassion, forgiveness, prudence), how to walk circumspectly, how to overcome satan and his host, the world and sin, how to overcome battles of life etc. Psalm 18:35, 144:1 etc.

Teaching requires effort and wisdom to communicate the right thing at the right time. It requires wisdom to impart knowledge and guide a student through. It also requires living a disciplined life by the teacher so as to make his/her teaching more meaningful and effective., e.g. Paul 1 Corinthians 11:1. God does not teach us outside His words and His will. So He is a good teacher that we can follow,.

Why does God teach us?
He is our father. If the earthly father has the right to impart knowledge on us (though sometimes they fail in carrying out this task, and sometimes gets how much more the heavenly father who is the father of all? Hebrews 12:6-11. God never fails; He never gets it wrong.

God not only equips us, He trains us war tactics and strategies of war as well as handling the weapons in the right way and manner so we are not injured or become terrified unnecessarily. Psalm 144:1, 18:34.
God teaches us to enlighten us. Isaiah 42:16. Without God leading and guiding us, we will grope in the darkness of the world. The world is a maze, without a guide, we will be lost in it, we will be confused or ensnared and /or stumble.

To prevent or remove ignorance or deception:
-          God knows that ignorance is a great disease.
-          God knows the danger of ignorance.
-          God knows the danger of misinformation or half- truth.
-          God knows the schemes of the adversary and the danger of being his victim.
God teaches us so we can gain experience and expertise for life. There are some feat we cannot attain except we are groomed and skilled Psalm 18: 34 God will not expose us to embarrassment, shame or defeat.

God teaches us to possess our possession and maintain it so we are not robbed of His provision. He not only provides but teaches us to wisely use the provision. God knows we are blind to some truth and treasure and we need  enlightenment.

God teaches us to make us grow and mature. To teach others and to make disciples of them e.g. Jesus discipled the disciples and asked them to teach others. Matthew 28:19-20
God teaches us to become confident. Confident in approaching His throne of mercy and in confronting and winning our adversary.

To realign our thoughts and ways to the right path, just like a car going to the wrong way or going off the road is manoeuvred to the right path (in order to prevent accident or harm). God debunks our hearts and channels it to Him. He corrects, He rebukes us when we go wrong so as to prevent disaster. And He is the only one who can do these rightly and timely because He knows and sees every detail that others do not see. He also sees the future e.g. He sent Nathan to David 2 Samuel 12.; His corrections are good and beneficial. He does this lovingly. He corrects and disciplines us in love, to make us better and not to ruin us.

Some benefits of being taught by the Lord 
       It gives /leads to victory e.g. David, Psalm 144:1
       It leads to enlightenment. Psalm 10:32
       It imparts us with grace and ability.
       It protects us from hazards and death.
       It makes us better in form and shape.
       It equips us.
       It makes us wise(r).
       It leads to perfection e.g. Jesus Hebrew 5:8-9 etc.

What should we do with God’s teaching?
We must:
       Be humble to learn at His feet e.g. the disciples.
       Be patient to learn the details. God will not leave any stone untouched. And learning till the end may not be easy, but it is needed and useful. Hebrews 12:8-11
       Be diligent to learn all the details e.g. Noah followed the instructions of building the ark of covenant to details.
       Learn in a simple manner. We must not wait until we are coerced.
       Learn timely. To God, timeliness is important. And being dull of hearing can lead to repeating classes and stunt growth Hebrews 5:12-14
       Learn joyfully and take corrections with gladness. Hebrews 12:11
       Be obedient to His instructions even if they look foolish, He is never foolish but All-wise all the time. He knows what He is doing.
       Apply what is learnt- God does not teach just for teaching sake. Application of what is learnt to practical life issues is what is profitable and fruitful. Knowledge acquired is not complete until it is applied else it will be a waste of effort and time both for the teacher and the student, and God does not waste energy or resources.

Lady Evang. Esther Ogunbayeje
Christ Apostolic Church, Surrey Docks District, London
Email: estherami18@gmail.com
Number: 07988672933                                                         
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