What the Holy Spirit taught me this morning by Pastor Amos Dada

Pastor Amos Dada

Topic: What are you experiencing , a lifting up or a bringing down?

“The LORD maketh poor, and maketh rich: he bringeth low, and lifteth up.” 1 Sam 2:7-8

Hannah can say that again! She has experienced a lifting up. But wait a minute because God has power to make poor and power to make rich, because he has power to bring low and lift up does that mean you have no input in the process ?
In Gen 1 in the creation process God was sovereign . He kept declaring - let there be light, let the waters separate , let the earth bring forth and it was so. But he did not use that sovereignty approach to make man. First he consulted the Trinity. Then they designed man formed him from dust. Then he breathed into man. Meaning he paid more attention to man. That made the difference .
Others were inanimate . Yes, animals , fish are not completely inanimate but they were in the phylum of let there be category. Even though they are alive they are not in the same category with man. That is not where we are going today. Today is about lifting up and bringing down. The point is God made man in a special class to influence their destiny. He gave them power to make choices. That makes the difference . Your lifting up or coming down is not entirely God’s decision you are part of the equation.Believe it or not.

The first man he made was Adam . He gave him an assignment to name animals . He scored A+. Then God decided to help him , by giving him helpmate to enjoy life - recreate and procreate. Then bang Adam could not manage Eve. Scored F- .Before you could call Jack Robinson, they were down from their lifted position. They lost their estate and became vagabonds.  They experienced a bringing down.

Fast forward  it was the time of Hannah to decide her future positioning.Hannah was one of two wife’s of  Elkanah. We are not sure who was the first and who was the second. It really did not matter there were heavier matters to contend with.
We read :’But unto Hannah he gave a worthy portion; for he loved Hannah: but the LORD had shut up her womb.And her adversary also provoked her sore, for to make her fret, because the LORD had shut up her womb’ 1 Sam 1 : 5-6. Bang Hannah was on the wrong side of a heavenly decision - The Lord had shut her womb! When a big problem has brought you down, small ones have greater chance of messing you up . The other wife began to provoke her- “ and her adversary provoked her sore ‘ meaning -brought  her lower than low! Have you experienced that before! Most likely!
But that is not the end of the story . Hannah knew only God could change her situation. She began to sing, God lifts up and brings down was her first composed but unreleased album. God has the power to lift her up, but she needed to make input not just to change the trajectory of her life but to accelerate the process. Her concern was how?

First, she was going to Shiloh faithfully. Do you serve God faithfully? Do you go to church regularly? How are you serving God? Or are you a weather dependent kind of church goer? The winter is heavy in Toronto this year I agree! But winter will always be in Canada !

Secondly, she developed her prayer power, she was tired of begging Eli for prayer.  Are you still seeking for prayer contractors before you can get anything done in your life? Imagine if Hannah had depended on Eli for a vision?
Thirdly, she became creative. She went beyound the norm.What will I do to make God change my situation ? Let me make a vow , and that was the game changer. I am yet to know why vow making triggers God for lifting up people. Serving God is neither dogmatic , dull or faceless. Think of what you can do to make God happy after all you were created for his pleasure. Rev 4:11. Think of what you can do  to make your pastor happy. Eli's lack of proper diagnosis or better still,discerning  of Hannah's situation was enough reason for Hannah to leave the church. But she was on a journey, a journey of destiny change. She was too Eagle eyed focused on her trip to be chicken hearted. Notice that she completely ignored her mate provoking  her too. Silence is the best answer for a fool!

Fast forward, one year later her story had changed , the barren had become the mother . The provoked had become a gospel artist that has her album  lyrics in the scripture. Obliviously topping all the radio, iTunes , and all music promotional charts of her time.The woman that was a reproach in the society had become a celebrity. The same God that shut her womb had opened her womb.She had experienced a lifting up. That shall be your portion in Jesus name !
Notice that the ones provoking her had suffered major set back, I almost said heart attack, she has gone down she has been brought  down. That will not be your portion. None of her children was named in scripture not to talk of having two books like Hannah 1&2 Samuel named after her son!

What the Holy Spirit taught me today is that the way you live your life , the way you manage your situation , the way you handle simple or complex situations, the way you serve God or otherwise will be a major factor  in deciding whether you will be brought down or lifted up. “The way you treat your neighbour, husband, wife,
 Pastor, church member, coworker, the way you pray, give are all factor into your lifting up or coming down. “What will be will be , oh Sara Sara .” Has no place in the bible . You can decide, God will be the one to do the lifting up or bringing down but you will be the one to produce what God will use to bring you down or lift you up! After all if God has put water in a well , it is your duty to find rope and bucket to fetch it.Otherwise don’t blame God for your starvation. The angel only helped Hagar to locate the well. It was her responsibility to fetch it for herself and dying son .
It is our year of flourishing - go and do the work that will make you  flourish . Go and pray the prayers . Go and make the vows . And don’t forget to wean Samuel ( produce and products) and bring him back to God.
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