A New Season by Pastor S.O Solarin

Pastor S.O Solarin

A man's life is not determined by the people that surrounds him but only through the written word of God.The reason with which the Church is no more experiencing miracle is because we read the Bible without understanding the WORD.

"Everything created below the heavenly,invisible eternal realm exists,and everything in time has a purpose for which there's a season for fulfilment.
Greek word for season is "Kronos"meaning"set time". I declare your set time for superlative breakthrough now in Jesus name!

Characteristics of Season:
1.Seasons are natural
2.Seasons cannot be stopped:The power that control season is beyond our comprehension and defies our logic.
3.Seasons comes without permission
4.Seasons are no respecter of persons.
5.Seasons bring change that you cannot control.

What Must Happen To Experience A New Season?

1.We must be ready to change from negative to positive(Is43:18).

2.We must be ready to forsake our sinful way(Is59:1).

3.We must rise up to pray(Luke18:1).

Happening When New Season Comes?
1.You will have a change of story(Gen43:38-46)

2.You will be surrounded with people that matters.

3.Your enemies will bow to regret their actions(2kings2:14-15)

4.You spirit man will be revived as of Jacob(Gen45:27)

5.You become a breadwinner not a bread beggar again.

In conclusion:Hag2:9

Prayer bullets:
1.Let my heaven of new thing be open in Jesus name.
2.Lord destroy every power that's contending with a new thing in my life.
3.Lord,prove yourself mighty in my life in Jesus name.
4.Let my set time for jubilation comes now in Jesus name.
5.Lord break every covenant of delay in my life in Jesus name.

Pastor S.O Solarin  is the presiding Pastor of Christ Apostolic Church Mount of Redemption,Gbanda,Arulogun Oojo Road, Ibadan.08039131758
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