Cleric charges ministers of God wives on good conduct

Pastor Olu Olorunpomi


The Assembly Pastor of Christ Apostolic Church, Eternal Praise, Alakuko, Pastor Olu Olorunpomi has charged ministers of God wives to totally support the ministries of their Pastor-husbands.

Pastor Olorunpomi said on Friday while delivering a paper on the topic "Minister Couples and God's Expectations Towards Ministry Fulfillment" at Ministers and Workers Retreat of CAC Oke Ibukun Araromi, Amazing Grace Zonal Headquarters, Ikorodu.

He noted that behind/beside a successful minister, there is a woman and this may be his wife or mother, adding that it is very glorious when only one woman plays both roles.

He told Ministers of God wives at the retreat that if their husbands succeed, God takes the glory and they relish in the enjoyment, saying if the opposite happens, they may have to bear the cross and shame.

Pastor Olorunpomi enlisted conversion, companionship, character, commitment, communication, compassion, concerns, caring, celebration, copulation, comfort, cooperation, complement, constructive criticism and contentment as God’s expectations from every minister’s wife towards ministry fulfillment.

He explained that: "God expect you to identify the weakness(es) of your Pastor-husband weakness and stand in the gap. Fill the space . Don't be a liability! Work hard to earn income (Prov. 22:29; 31:16). Obtain and develop skills. Be prepared to mentor women in the church like Elizabeth did for Virgin Mary. In terms of criticism, remember he is not perfect. Constructive criticism of his sermons, ministrations, time management, outbursts, decisions, insubordination to authorities or maltreatment of his subordinates will indeed help his ministry. The fact he is a Man of God does not means he doesn't need to nourish his body.
Make good food for him and manage resources (prudence); no impulsive buying. Be satisfied with him; value his uniqueness, (no comparison); have faith in Jehovah Jireh (Phil. 4:19). On clothing, your appearance in private and public matters. Dress well. Neatness should be your hallmark. Make the house neat, inspiring, inviting and attracting."

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