CAC members urge church authority to introduce house fellowship


The authority of Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide has been urged by some members of the church to introduce house fellowship into the activities of the church.

These members disclosed this exclusively to CAC NEWS through our Whatsapp group.

Mr.  Olusegun Jegede, Choirmaster at CAC victory chapel, Osere Matogun, Ogun-state said that house fellowship brings close relationship between church members and will prevent the youths from living their own church to another church.

Jegede said that house fellowship create an avenue to know more about the word of God because we attend to lot of activities in the church program, and majority of Church member attend Sunday service only.

Pastor G.O Arowojobe of  CAC Throne of Mercy, Agbowa Ikorodu said that it is good to return to biblical pattern of evangelism.

He noted that the early apostolic Church move from one house to another preaching and fellowshipping.

Founder of CAC covenant centre, Ibadan Oyo State, Prophet Joshua Omomajemu who thanked God for the live of our leaders in CAC worldwide said that house fellowship unit the body of Christ and also offer Christians help and care.

Prophet Omomejemu said that house fellowship helps Christians to live like a family, saying that it is  an avenue to pray together, read the scripture together, share things together and even eat together as a body of Christ.
According to him house fellowship is a place where we can practice generosity and it can encourage us in the Lord ,and foster our Christian life growth everyday, help us to walk with God and it is an outlet to serve God.

“Our Lord Jesus Christ love people to come together as a fellowship to stir, inspire and motive one another to do good work for Christ. It can grow to become a church.(Heb 10:24-26)...also the book of  Act of Apostle 12:12 tells us the important of house fellowship when Peter was released from the prison by the angel, he went straight to the house of Mary the mother of John where many were gathered together to pray for him. So house fellowship is a unique relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ Himself,” he said.

Prophet Omomejemu said house fellowship builds Christians spiritual and it will bring more people to Christ because by doing that we will be winning souls for Christ( 2cor 10:3-5).

Mr.  Oluwafemi Dosu, a member of CAC Amazing grace zonal headquarters, Ikorodu Lagos said that house fellowship is a means of moving closer to members of the church.

He said it is a way of getting intimate with members to know their wellbeing and challenges, stating that many people come to church with different challenges hiding under cloth which they cannot share with just anybody, they need trust to be able to share their challenges with people and that trust cannot be built without closeness.

“House fellowship also helps build a deeper Christian life of members. Some members find it difficult to understand certain things during service and they cannot ask questions but will be able to express themselves during house fellowship. People Will be free to ask some biblical questions bothering their minds in house fellowship. House fellowship also makes members of church see themselves as one family. They feel among through house fellowship, they contribute their opinion in house fellowship,” Dosu said.

He further stated that; “I see house fellowship as a medium of rebuilding workers in the church. I see it as a retreat for church workers where they can gain whatever they have lost or missed during service. For example; an engineer or usher in a church might not have full attention when service is on thereby miss some aspect if the service. They ensure service goes smoothly but a times don't get blessed thorough the service as expected. These kinds of people can be retreat through the house fellowship because they have no bulk of work in them at this point in time. In addition, I see house fellowship as a medium of training leaders and building mentorship. House fellowship helps to build spiritual unity through prayers.”

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