Clergy urges Pastors, Marriage Counselors to stop scaring youths away from marriage

Pastor Olu Olorunpomi


Pastors and Marriage Counselors have been advised to stop scaring youths away from the institution of marriage by their exaggerated teachings of personal failures, subjective opinions and relative philosophies.

The assembly Pastor of Christ Apostolic Church, Eternal Praise Assembly, Alakuko Lagos, Pastor Olu Olorunpomi stated this in one of his Facebook page messages.

Pastor Olorunponmi said that; “no man or woman is ever right for marriage. You can only be ripe for marriage. Therefore, your assignment is to guide your youths into marriage and not to scare them away by those bogus, out-of-the-reality principles of successful marriage which end up scaring them from taking the appropriate steps into their God-ordained marital destinies.”

He further stated that; “the fact that you are suffering in your marriage as a result of your ego, or the fact that your spouse does everything to manage you in marriage does not mean everyone will have your kind of experience. What is most important is that you make sure that both of the intending partners truly KNOW the Lord. There's no amount of marriage seminar that will make the hypocrite brother or sister have a Christian home! You don't need two perfect persons to make a home. It takes two Christians to make a Christian marriage. That should be your main concern. Help them grow in the LORD, and the issue of marriage will be taken care of. If two persons truly belong to the LORD, they have the same Father. Resolving issues will not be an issue between them whether you are there or not.

He urged the Pastors and Marriage Counselors to remember that the future of these youths lie in their hands for now, adding that if they help the youths to get it right, they will forever be glad for it and if not their conscience will prick them for life.

Concluded that; “in the same way, please stop scaring potential pastors away from ministry by the way you share the gory story of your call into ministry. If you think you'll be here forever, ask where is Apostle Ayo Babalola, ask where is Archbishop Benson Idahosa, where is ....mention them. Even the General Overseers of our day are already admitting they're leaving soon. You know what that means? These younger ones will be the pastors of tomorrow! Therefore, encourage them. Don't use your story to discourage them.”

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