CAC Pearce Region holds Ministers' Leadership Summit


By Oluwadamilare Ayilara 

Christ Apostolic Church, Pearce Region, held a Leadership Summit on Thursday, June 27, 2024, for all ministers in the region.

The programme was held at CAC Olorunsogo, Pearce Regional Headquarters, Lagos State, with the aim of opening the minds of all ministers in the region about spiritual power.

 In his welcome address, the Regional Superintendent, Pastor S.O. Aluko speaking in the theme 'The Implication of the Holy Spirit On The Church Leadership' from the text Acts 2:1-4, emphasized that the Holy Spirit is the third person in the trinity, the co-equal with God the Father and Son, He uphold and empowers the church leadership for proper Administration and effectiveness .

 "Once God's business continue to expand, there is always the need for leadership intervention, is the spirit of God upon you or within you" he said.

 According to Pastor Aluko, "the Holy Spirit is God's Spirit in the believers who will soon transit to a leader, therefore it is an error for a believer to appointed or attain leadership without the Spirit of God in them because the Spirit of God gives direction, helps to discover members gift,helps in managing people, money, materials and help them grow even with the affairs in the Church."

Speaking as a Guest Speaker at the summit, the Superintendent of CAC Agbara DCC Superintendent, Pastor Joseph Omolola, emphasized how to develop and deploy your spiritual gifts for the edification of the body of Christ.

He said the pulpit today is full of men and women that are ignorant, most people there do not know neither understand what they are called to do. 

He added that;"the church is seriously sick, sleeping and very weak. The church needs to revisit the upper room, we need the upper room experience once again."

He emphasized that spending quality time on your knees in prayer is crucial, adding that;"failure to do so will hinder your ability to stand tall before others, and your personal altar and prayer life are essential as a believer. Many people neglect this aspect, expecting their ministry to flourish nonetheless, but that's impossible."

Speaking on the topic 'How to  Successfully Deal/Relate with a difficult Master',the Superintendent of CAC Idi Oro DCC, Pastor M.D. Olatunde reiterated some problems expected to encounter with a difficult Master.

He noted that a difficult master would always be envious of anything you do regardless of the positive outcome, he may not assign you any assignment because he knows you would do better than him, he always wants to be at the top alone.

He stressed that it is important to never outshine your master especially if he is a difficult one, always submit to his authority and leadership, avoid show-offs and a very expensive style of living, never did anything to deliberately oppress your master because he will always payback and never criticize him in your preaching.

He added that;"your difficult master cannot be 100 percent weak; he must have a particular area of strength, unless you don't discover it. Capitalize and focus your attention on his strength, rather than his weakness, study your master and submit to his authority, it is just a matter of time, you will also become a master, and whatever a man sow he shall reap(Galatians 6:7)," he rounded up.

The programme ended immediately after a reviving prayer was led and benediction.

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