Evidence of good servanthood is manifested in obedience, humility, loyalty, Babalola Regional Superintendent tells congregants at visit to Ogbomoso land


Regional Superintendent of CAC Babalola Region, Pastor G.S. Dada 

It was an auspicious occasion as Clergymen, Board of Elders, Deaconesses and Church workers of Christ Apostolic Church, Ogbomoso land gathered to receive the Regional Superintendent of CAC Babalola region, Pastor Gabriel Dada on a two-day visit to Ogbomoso land.

In the company of the Regional Superintendent on the visit which was from Saturday, March 16, 2024 till Sunday, March 17, 2024, were his wife, Mrs Dada; the Regional Secretary, Pastor Abraham Akinpelu; the Regional Treasurer, Pastor M. Oloruntoba and his Personal Assistant.

The visit was marked by the commissioning of the new Superintendent's office for Ogbomoso District Coordinating Council (DCC).

In his homily, Pastor G. S. Dada, who expounded on God's provision with emphasis on Christ as the mediator and advocate, explained the transformative power of the Word of God.

The cleric underscored the congregation's responsibility to heed God's call, exercise discipline, submit to His will, serve diligently, and obey His commandments, pointing out that the evidence of good servanthood is manifested in obedience, humility, and loyalty.

The service transitioned into an open forum session, granting the congregation the opportunity to engage in discussions about regional development and the collaborative efforts needed across all DCCs and zones. 

The Regional Superintendent made a compelling appeal for unity in achieving key objectives including the establishment of a regional office and house; formation of a welfare team; implementation of a health care initiative by the month of May; construction of Teenagers' Churches to cater for youths aged 12-18; and organization of a conference for Publicity Secretaries to streamline event communication.

The wife of the Regional Superintendent, Mrs Dada addressed the women in the congregation, highlighting their critical roles and responsibilities within the Good Women Association.

The meeting ended on a high note, with attendees leaving with joy and a renewed sense of purpose towards the advancement of their faith community.

The event was also characterized by prayers and a lecture delivered by the host, CAC Ogbomoso DCC Superintendent, Pastor J. S. Adegoke.

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