Lessons for contemporary ministers about our father - Apostle Babalola's daughters


By 'Gbenga Bankole 

Daughters of the first General Evangelist of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas, Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola have revealed what contemporary ministers of the gospel need to learn from the God's General. 

The two daughters of Apostle Babalola revealed this while speaking on Thursday September 22, 2022 at the just concluded CAC Pastors' Conference in Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun State.

Announcement of the presence of the duo by the President of the church, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele was met with a joyful noise from the congregation. 

The first child of the great Apostle who is the Iya-Ijo of CAC Okesa, Ilesa, Osun State, Deaconess Wuraola Oginni said some of the attributes of the great Apostle that is worthy of emulating are, power of prayer, humility, fear of God, accountability, honesty, generosity, good leadership etc. 

She explained that; "Apostle Babalola had more than thirty students and apprentices he was taking care of at a time. He gave out all that he had without considering himself. Baba did not leave any worldly inheritance but he left with us the power of prayer which we are using constantly and it is yielding fantastic results both in the past and present. Things that we lacked in the past are being provided to us in God's miraculous ways. I also remember how God honoured His name in our lives when we celebrated Baba's 50 years remembrance. When we went to the CAC headquarters to inform our fathers in the Lord about our plan to organize three days revival by July in the year 2009. The first question put to us was if were we not going to consider the raining period and shift the date, but we said God will give us every support and this was exactly what happened. We started praying towards the success of the revival, my sister, myself and our families."

"All the problems that came up God resolved them. Former General Evangelist of CAC, Prophet S.K. Abiara who ministered at the programme left in the early hours of the third day for Lagos. He left some pastors with us. In the third day of the crusade, rain threatened at about forty minutes before we went to crusade ground. I came out of our house and lifted my eyes and right hand to the Lord, I prayed that if Apostle Babalola's service to God and humanity is acceptable to God that the rain should not fall until the last person from the revival reaches home and God did exactly this for us. The rain fell in the night and not only did Baba Abiara return to minister at the crusade, he even organized prayer for the congregation early in the morning of the fourth day before he returned to Ibadan," she continued.

"I want to ask; is your service to God accepted by Him or is it fake? Are you well prepared for the second coming of Jesus Christ? Are you laboring for the worldly enjoyment? Are you working to save the lost souls? Are you eager to make heaven and enjoy peace in the end? Search your mind and examine your work. Baba Apostle Babalola surrendered himself totally to God's work and he did not even provide anything for us because he knew that the God he served will be there for us," she stated.

Deaconess Oginni said she must not fail to appreciate the contribution of Apostle Babalola's God-given helpmeet, Mama Dorcas Adetohun Babalola, who supported her husband both spiritually and morally. 

According to her, she was prayerful, tolerant, generous, honest, humble, God fearing and hardworking, adding that she was always at the home front when baba went on his missionary journey or even at home.

Deaconess Oginni ended by reading Philippians chapter 3 from verse 6 to 21 and CAC Gospel Hymn Book 953.

Apostle Babalola's second daughter, Deaconess Dame Apeke Adeniyi recalled that the great Apostle devoted his whole life to the service of God and humanity. 

"How did he do it you may want to know? It was through prayer and fasting. He was indeed a great prayer warrior and he fasted practically every week as far as I can remember. He would go to mountain tops for long periods of the fasting especially during lenten season. Occasionally, he used to lock himself up in a room in the house to observe few days fasting. I remember vividly an occasion at CAC Oke-Isegun in Efon Alaaye when I was very young, Baba was in his room observing a few days fasting and prayer and it was not disclosed to us. My mum told us that he had travelled but could not remember seeing him off to the motor park as we normally did. I just accepted that he was not in the house. Days later, I saw my father coming out of his room with his covering cloth round his waist. Immediately and innocently, I shouted saying Baba so you did not travel and Mama told us you travelled. But he just motioned to me to stop talking by covering his mouth with his fingers. Later Mama cautioned me that I should not tell anybody about it. This is just to support my point about how frequent my father of blessed memory used to fast and pray to keep himself fully armed for his missionary assignment," Deaconess Apeke Adeniyi revealed.

"Talking about humility, my father never exalted himself or lorded himself over anyone, even when he was being addressed as Oga or Baba by other pastors or prophets. He respected both young and old. Equally he was approachable by all directly without any intermediary or even any previous appointments, and 24/7 he made himself available to attend the stream of visitors. Apart from attending to visitors, anytime a new church site was to be cleared of bushes, he always made himself a good example by participating physically in cutting of the bushes. He was a very hardworking man," she explained.

Deaconess Adeniyi stated that the journey of faith is neither without trials nor a bed of roses, saying that her father also had his share of trials.

She quoted the book of Psalm chapter 34 verse 19 which says "many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him here out of them all", revealing that on two different occasions Apostle Babalola was bereaved of his two sons, saying that despite that, he remained faithful and unshaken because the joy of the Lord was his strength. 

She advised ministers of God at the conference that in whatever capacity they find themselves, they should preach the gospel in season and out of season, citing 2nd Timothy chapter 4 verse 2. 

She added that; "let us likewise, and preach the Word of Truth without compromise, avoid watering down the gospel message for popularity or to pull crowds."

It was an unforgettable and inspiring moment as it started raining suddenly towards the end of the testimonies shared by the biological children of the great Apostle. Many of our Pastors who believed it was not a normal rain trooped into the rain, prayed shortly and went back to the auditorium. 

The General Evangelist of the church, Prophet Hezekiah O. Oladeji prayed for both of them, which was followed by a group photograph with the Principal Officers of the church.

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