Any church that loves Prayer Meeting than Bible Study is a weak church-Dr. Bola Akin-John


Dr. Bola Akin-John

By 'Gbenga Bankole

A church growth expert, Dr. Bola Akin-John has emphasized on the importance of Bible Study in church, saying that any church that loves prayer meeting than Bible Study is a weak church.

Dr. Akin-John said this while delivering a lecture on the topic "Contemporary Challenges and Prospects of Mega Churches" on Wednesday February 9, 2022 at the ongoing CAC Pastors' Leadership Retreat, Batch Four, Akinyele Region.

He noted that, "growth is natural and supernatural, if we want to see growth in our church, we can't do without God and the word of God."

"We can't do without evangelism and proper administration of the church. There are so many church that are filled with crowd but not doing God's will," he added. 

According to him, any church that wants to grow must rediscover the Bible; adding that anything God wants to do is not out of the scripture. 

Dr. Akin-John who stated that the church is healthy according to the vision of the leader or minister in charge, emphasized that if you have lost your vision (vision of the kingdom), the church can't be healthy. 

"Your church is as big as your leadership ability. If you have not developed your leadership ability you can never grow to a mega church. Even if you are transferred to a mega church, the church will decrease. If the church of God must grow under your hand, you must have the vision. Your church is as big as your personal development/growth. Your church is as big as your renewal strategies. You can't see growth when the church is dying inside. You have to know the causes and address it. You have to bring renewal, love for one and another, revival back to the church."

"Your church is as healthy as your faithfulness to God's word. Your church is as big as the strategies you employ. Your church is as big as the working of the Holy Spirit in that church. Your church is as big as the peoples' commitment. The number one key to the growth of the church is the Pastor. The people must want the church to grow and must be able to pay the price. Your church is as big as your structure. Your structure is your building and management/administration. Your church is as big as your diversification target. Make your church a lingua franca church. Your church is as big as your prayer intercession emphasis," he stated.


  1. Any Christian than loves prayer meeting than Bible Study is also a weak Christian!

  2. Lobatan oooooooo. Daniel says I understood by books. Study the scriptures. This message is nothing but the truth. I appreciate the leadership of this great church for this wonderful initiative. God bless you sirs.Amen.

  3. May the LORD cause the leaders of of our Church and fellow Believers in JESUS CHRIST to remain Evergreen, Pragmatic and Magnificent in Divine Grace in daily basis for accepting and establishing this wonderful Retreat of God's Servants. Amen!

  4. This is the plain truth. Contemporary prayer points should be Scripture-based to effective. That is the way of old. Our forefathers in the Lord knows the above-mentioned and enjoyed our Lord Jesus Christ fully. May our spiritual eyes be opened to commence renewal to survive the end times challenges. Shalom.

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