God can do without us, but we can do nothing without Him, Pastor Maichibi tells Pastors at 2021 Pastors' Conference


Regional Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Adelaja Region, Pastor S.N. Maichibi 

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Regional Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Adelaja Region, Pastor S.N. Maichibi has told Pastors that they need to always remember that Jesus is the Vine and they are the branches and without Him (Jesus) they can do nothing.

He said one can remove himself from the Vine through loving the world like Demas, stealing the glory that belongs to God, disobedience and rebellion like King Saul, bitterness, keeping malice and un-forgiveness, walking in your own might and power instead of that of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Maichibi stated this on Tuesday September 21, 2021 while delivering the first lecture on the topic "God's Desire to Administer His People" at the 2021 CAC Pastors' Conference holding at Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun State.

He noted that "for some of us, our merits are our undoing. We must decrease by becoming faceless, nameless and selfless so that God will increase."

Pastor Maichibi told Pastors at the conference that they should know that their constant and consistent acknowledgement of Jesus to have the preeminence in His church is not only demanded but it is vital to continued existence and relevance, adding that Christ is not an option but He must be all in all.

According to him, the Church is the solution centre of nations because Jesus left the transformation agenda of the world in the hand of the Church, noting that if the church gets it right, then the nation will also get it right.

"When there was revival in Nigeria in the 1930s, things took shape so long as there was revival. Revival is bringing back God in the centre in our lives and all that concerns us. Jesus trained only twelve when He wanted the transformation of the world. He released the twelve and told them that they were the salt and the light of the world and left for heaven believing that all things would work well. God's servants are duty bound to call solemn assembly (Joel 1:14). If we assume all things are okay, we will not bother to call solemn assembly. The presence of people like Charles G Finney brought transformation in their generation. Daniel struggled for 21 days to save his nation. We must not fail our own generation. Every revival affects the economy of the nations and the industrial revolution was as a result of their revival," he stated.


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