Ancient path may be narrow but be sure it leads to life eternal, Pastor Oludare tells Youths at 2021 International Youth Conference, Odo Owa


Pastor S.E.A. Oludare 

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Yaba Districts' Coordinating Council (DCC), Pastor S.E.A. Oludare has urged the youths not to reject the call of the Lord, saying that the ancient path may be narrow but they should be sure it leads to life eternal.

Pastor Oludare stated this Thursday August 5, 2021 while ministering on the topic "21st Century Youths & the Ancient Path" at the 2021 International Youth Conference, Odo Owa Conference Centre, Odo Owa, Kwara State.

He said everything in the world has changed and the church is not exempted, noting that worse things are likely to still happen in this 21st century, however the fundamentals of our faith has not and will never change.

Pastor Oludare while imploring the youth used an acronym  "SLAW" which means Stand, Look, Ask and Walk.

According to him, this is a rushing generation and every young person is in a hurry to get things done but the Lord expects us to "stand" and calm down.

"If you're not standing for something you will fall for anything. Don't stand in the path of sinners. To stand here means wait a little. At age of 12, Jesus was out there in the temple speaking with the old priests. Although he was knowledgeable enough to speak with them, his parents took him home and he waited with them till he was 30 years old before he came out finally. To stand is to be matured. There are some things the youths of our days get involved in which are far too much for their ages. You can't get all things done in one day - calm down, cool down, he explained.

He said the second instruction to youths of our generation is to look or see. He added: "Get a vision for your life. Don't move with the crowd. Check it very well. Use your eyes. Loot at it very well. Use your eyes. Don't follow popular opinion. Not all that glitters is gold. Check it by the light of the word of God. This is the age of packaging, be watchful, don't be careless. This is the age where people especially the youths press the agree or accept button without taking time to read the terms and conditions. Don't just accept anything, look at it very well. There are so many hidden penalties and consequences in that beautiful package."

Commenting on the third letter in the acronym which is "Ask", Pastor Oludare stated: "there is a great difference between asking questions with the purpose of knowing or gaining the right knowledge and queering or challenging the great and godly heritage presented to us by our forefathers. Ask the right questions, ask for the good ways. Don't ask with the aim of mocking our forefathers. The good old days is still possible by the help of the Holy Spirit."

On the last letter in the acronym which is "Walk", the Cleric noted that "after doing all the needful, then you will need to take a step, walk. Don't just move. Walk in the right way. Walk with the right people. Walk in the upright path. Avoid the path of fornication. Walk in the way of life. Walk with the Lord."

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