No future is secured without salvation, says Pastor Gbuyiro at Leadership Training Programme of CACYOF Akinyele Region

By 'Gbenga Bankole

"The life (destiny) and the future of a youth is secured eternally by the new birth experience. Salvation remains the premise on which we stand to access and enjoy our inheritance in God. The basis of our fellowship with God is salvation," said the Youth Officer of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide, Pastor Samson O. Gbuyiro.

The Youth Officer said the more opportunity you give to an unsaved person, the more opportunity you're giving to the devil.

Pastor Gbuyiro stated this on Saturday March 14, 2020 while ministering on the topic  "Forthrightness and Fortitude for Youth Leaders."

He also said ministry to the youths brings great blessings to God and His kingdom as He wins the battle to have the youths against the devil, adding that the devil is doing a lot to mobilize the youth for his purpose. Likewise, God is yearning to have young people captured for His divine and eternal purpose.

He continued that God has placed great potential in the youths for the benefit of the church and the society, noting that the future of the church is bleak if the training of the youths is neglected.

"Ministry to the youths secures the future of the church because there shall be continuity in the practice of her beliefs, doctrines, values and legacies. The result of this is constant increase in the number of worshippers and church work force. The cost of raising the youths may be higher, but we must pay the price," the Cleric said.

Pastor Gbuyiro stated that ministry of the youth will enhance national development and progress when her citizens are known for truth, righteousness and patriotism.

He urged youth leaders to understand the task ahead of them, priority attached to the task, God's perception of young people and grave effects of failure in the task.

"To every man, the youthful period is the most critical and sensitive time in life. He lays foundation for his future during this stage, and devil wants to be part of it, knowing full well that foundation is made permanent. The period is associated with battle and there is no better time to fight and win the battle than now if the future will be secured. In God's scale of preference, the youth carries a greater value than children and the adults. God has placed great potential in the youths for the benefit of His kingdom here on earth and the society. To frustrate God's purpose, the devil engages young people in the battle more than he does with adults," the Cleric stated.
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