"Covenant keeping God" by Pastor Gbenga Aluko

TEXT: JER 33:17-21

The outline is subdivided into eight sections:


Background to the study
The meaning of word
Biblical covenants
Some derivative of the new covenant
Our reaction to God’s covenant

One of the reason calculus is not taught in the primary or elementary school stage is their level of comprehension that is too low for such mathematical dynamics. In the same vein no being can totally know God or His attributes  at least till we are made perfect 1 Cor.13:12a which says Now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity. And except he reveals himself to him/her Matt 11:27 says my father has entrusted everything to me. No one truly knows the son except the father and no one knows the father except the son and those to whom the son chooses to reveal him. May we receive clarity as we attempt to study one of the revelations of God by Himself/the word (John 1:1).

Background to the study
The referenced chapter of the bible (Jeremiah 33) was written by Jeremiah in 588 BCE when he was in prison and the scope of this chapter is much the same with that of the foregoing chapter to confirm the promise of the restoration of the Jews, notwithstanding the present desolations of their country and dispersions of their people. And these promises have, both in type and tendency, a reference as far forward as to the gospel church, I. That the city shall be rebuilt and re-established "in statu quo—in its former state’’ (v. 1-6). II. That the captives, having their sins pardoned, shall be restored (v. 7, v. 8). III. That this shall redound very much to the glory of God (v. 9). IV. That the country shall have both joy and plenty (v. 10-14). V. That way shall be made for the coming of the Messiah (v. 15, v. 16). VI. That the house of David, the house of Levi, and the house of Israel, shall flourish again, and be established.

❖ God, his word, His covenant cannot fail Jer. 33:20, Num. 23:17, Ps. 89:34, 2 Tim. 2:13
❖ God’s revelation of himself and entering into covenant with Man is progressive old testament/covenant and the new as in the bible, with the children of Israel Urim and Thummim, Prophets, Priests, Judges, Kings.
❖ God is not mean/wicked/callous and is not limited by Insight,vision,foresight,aftermath,resources,ideas and capacity to execute/effect any of His covenant, neither can He be caged by any other factor that makes covenant fail.

The meaning of words
A covenant means an agreement or other legal contract.
In Hebrew covenant translates literally as ”to cut in the flesh” Gen 15.
Biblical covenant is an agreement between God and His people.

The difference between biblical promise and covenant: there are over 7000 promises in the bible, but there are a few covenants. Promise is an oral or written agreement to or otherwise while covenants are a solemn and binding agreement, promise are usually just made but covenant are based on a token/something physical, deep, monumental. Gen 9:8-10, Mark 14:24.

Biblical covenants
There are a whole lot of covenants in the bible, but the following are worthy of note for this study:

Noahic Covenant                                  Gen 9:8-17
Abrahamic Covenant                            Gen 15-17
Mosaic Covenant/Sinai Covenant       Ex 19-24
Priestly Covenant                                  Num. 25:10-30
Davidic Covenant                                1 kings 18-21
New Covenant                                      Mark 14:24, Luke 22:20 
Some derivative of the new covenant
These are some of the very many things we gain as a result of the new covenant in Christ Jesus (Jesus death and accruing benefits)
❖ Sonship                                                                 Gal 4:5,Rev 5:9
❖ Divine supply                                                        Phil 4:19
❖ Forgiveness of sins                                              1 John 1:19
❖ Way of escape                                                      1 Cor. 10:13
❖ Heavenly based intercession                              Rom. 8: 26-28
❖ Victory over the devil and His agents                  Rom. 8:31
❖ Eternal life                                                            John 11:25-26.
Our reaction to God’s covenant
Know it, receive it with thanks, believe it, and prayerfully await its fulfilment.

The token for the new Covenant is the blood of Jesus, have you been watched by the blood of the lamb? Jesus is calling you today 2 Cor. 6:2, Rev 3:20.shalom.

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