"How to discover your talent, and dreams you could pursue with it" by Evang. Tunji Oyedokun

Living out your purpose in life begins with discovering what talent you have. There is no one on earth without a talent. Identifying what kind of talent you possess may be a tough thing to do. I have compiled the tips you need to determine the kind of talent you are blessed with.

What is Talent?

* Talent is what you love to do naturally.

* It is what gives you joy whenever you do it.

* It is what you can do 7 days a week and 365 days a year without complaining.

* It could be singing, writing, acting, drawing, speaking, teaching, creating business ideas, inventing, advocating for people, managing money, caring for sick people and so on.

* Any skill you utilize naturally that you haven't acquired through any education or institution is your talent. Discover your talent and begin to utilize it NOW! You deserve success!

Below are the dreams you could pursue with your talent:

#1. If you love to advise, coach, counsel, teach, encourage, help, inspire, motivate people to follow their dreams. You can become a good motivational and inspirational speaker, life coach or counsellor.

#2. If your passion is to make people laugh with your words and put smiles on people's faces. You can turn out to become a good comedian.

#3. If you have a good voice and can make use of it well or you manage your voice well to the extent that when you sing, people pass comment about your voice. You can become a good singer or artiste.

#4. If you love to draw and your drawings or art works have made people to praise your works. You can be on your way to becoming a good artist.

#5. If writing is your passion and whenever you write you receive positive comments and applauds from readers. You can become a good writer. Depending on which aspect of writing your interest is you can specialise in any of the following. a) motivational and inspirational writing b) play writing c) song-writing and so on.

#6. If you love to act play or movies and you are bold to speak in public or have passion to go on TV. You can become a good actor or actress.

#7. If you love to do business and you place value on being independent. You are also creative, blessed with ideas and bold to start a business venture. You can become a good entrepreneur.

#8. If you are passionate about citizens and have interest in serving the public and managing the resources and affairs of the state or nation. You can become a good politician.

#9. If you love to talk, speak and have interest in going on TV or radio. You can become a vibrant presenter, newscaster, OAP or journalist.

#10. If you love sport and you are applauded whenever you are engaging in it or you can't see a day pass without you practising it. Depending on your choice of sport ranging from footballing; boxing; running; playing tennis, chess, basket ball; jumping; weight lifting and so on. You can become a talented athlete.

#11. If you love to care for sick people and it affects you negatively whenever you see a sick person lying down. You can become a good health worker like a Nurse, Doctor, Pharmacist, etc.

#12. If your passion is to invent or discover new things. You can become an inventor.

#13. If you love to dance and people pay attention to you whenever you're dancing and pass positive comments like OMG you are amazing. You can become a good dancer.

#14. If your passion is to impart knowledge, build, educate people or raise new generation of scholars. You can become a good teacher or educator.

#15. If your passion is playing musical instruments. You can play keyboard, guitar, saxophone, trumpet, violin and so on. You can become a good instrumentalist.

The list goes on and on. All you need do is to discover what talent you have and start pursuing your dreams. It is possible for a person to be multi-talented and utilise all. Don't let any negativity stand in the way of what you believe you can achieve. Showcase your talent and live a purposeful life, because it is why you are here. You deserve success!
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