Be careful in your ways in order to avoid God's wrath in 2020, says District Superintendent, Tinubu District

By Adeoti Mary

The District superintendent of Tinubu District, Olushi Zone, Lagos, Pastor Z.A Oluwashola has warned everyone to be careful in all circumstances in order to avoid the wrath of God in the year 2020.

He claimed that carefulness needs to deal with living things especially human, and as human, God is telling every individual to be careful in all circumstances in order to enjoy God in the year.

Pastor Oluwashola stated this while ministering at the Cross Over service of the church.

He further told the congregation saying “you will face challenges but you must be careful not to allow these problems or sin to take you away from God. If you fall out of Christ, you fall will into crises and calamities."

Pastor Oluwashola advised people to take diligent heed to God's commandments in this new year/decade, failure to do so, anything can happen and it doesn’t change the name of God.

He enjoined everyone to acquaint themselves with God and be at peace, “if you follow other gods you will perish.”
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