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"Stages of losing to the enemy" by Evang. Afolabi Ayomide

Text: Judges 5:27

Victory and Defeat don't come by suddenly, it's a gradual process; Starting from preparation of ammunitions, tranings determination and real fight in battle.

Definition of Terms:

1. Stages: This is a process or state that something/somebody passes through while developing.

2.Lose: To be defeated or not to win a competition.

3. Enemy: A person who hates somebody or who acts or speaks against somebody. The Enemy here signifies the devil.

The Life of Sisera: the captain of cannan army is our case study. Though he was defeated by God the Israelites still the song of prophetess Deborah explained the stage of his defeat which is applicable to all forms of life.
   "At her feet he bowed, he fell, he lay down..."

At her feet;
1. He bowed: It sounds Impossible to bowed at one's enemy's feet but sisera did (at the feet of Jael). The bowing down here is not a forceful one rather it is a voluntary and willing bow. (Judges 4:18). Why did he bowed? Because the enemy looks/appears friendly. Just as Sisera was in battle front so are we (Eph. 6:12). Therefore, we need to be careful of where we run to and who to turn when faced with challenges. Sisera missed it here.

A. He accepted milk Instead of water (4:19)
Sisera was in a yet - to - finish battle, tired running for his life and he knew what he was in and lies ahead, so he asked for WATER (because he was a warrior who understood principles of warfare very well). Water means refreshment to ease weariness and regain strength (God's strength) but Jael offered BOTTLE OF MILK Instead. THE BOTTLE OF MILK Signifies the devil's offer in replacing God's strength or support. Matthew 4:8-9.
Taking "Water" will keep you strengthened; awake and alert while taking BOTTLE OF MILK will result is relaxing and later sleep. (all during battle).
The Devil has a lot of RESERVOIRS OF MILK for replacing GOD'S WATER which we need. What is your choice? (John 4:14).

B. He place his trust in Someone's hand: (4:20)
    After accepting the offer Sisera thought was better than his (Initial offer). he felt welcomed and loved thinking he has found refuge. As a soldier you are meant to care for yourself not by other not even closet friend. You keep fight with Prayers, Studying the word, Fast, Fellowship with brethren etc. Not that someone is doing these for you.
Sisera betrayed is TRAINING as a soldier (We are for Christ) and place his total trust in Jael. He even used her mantle to cover himself.

When we take devil's offer we lose our focus on God (mostly without knowing it) and place our trust in the devil thinking we are safe not knowing it only look secure but not safe. He bowed.

2. He fell (4:21): "For he was in a deep sleep" (AMP): Once you bow falling is Inevitable Sisera has bowed by accepting a poisonous enticing offer - "BOTTLE OF MILK" therefore, he had to "fall" (into sleep).
"... For he was in a deep Sleep....." Just as BOTTLE OF MILK brings Sleep, Bowing will only result in FALLING.Once you bow (to devil) you will surely fall (From God's hand)

Sisera's falling;
A. He fell from being a warrior to taking refuge in woman's tent (Powerless)

B. He fell from watchman to being watched (Bondage).

C. He fell from a Commander to being Commanded (Loss of Authority).

3. He lay down (4:21): "So he died" During the first two stages every power of Sisera (Christian) are being taken away especially his warrior Instinct or skill (i.e. alertness) Even in sleep a warrior is ever alert. But that power has been robbed with

Not every one who pass through the first two stages are found or end up in this last stage but a larger percentage always end up in this stage only few who got awakened are able to escape.

Sisera never woke up from his Sleep; where he fell, he layed his life down. It is better not to bow at all than to bow and trying not to lay down.

Jesus knew this, so he refused Satan's offer (Matthew 4:8-9) THE death of Sisera was not when the nail was driven into his ear but the MOMENT he accepted the BOTTLE OF MILK. In the battlefront

Remember it all started with Just a BOTTLE OF MILK.

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