Why our 2019 theme is "The Scripture Must Be Fulfilled"- CAC General Superintendent

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The General Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele has explained the reason "The Scripture Must Be Fulfilled" was chosen as the 2019 theme of the church.

Pastor Oladele revealed this in an exclusive interview with Christ Apostolic Magazine.

In his exact words: "each year we choose a theme which will be centrally treated in all our conferences and gatherings. As a matter of fact, the Christian Education Department of the church is doing a great work for us. They usually come up with some suggested themes out of which we choose the one we consider to be relevant to our church and Christianity at large.

"We live in the days where some of the teachings and prophecies of the scripture are being flogged aside as if they are not relevant to our situation and that is why the Bible says “Forever O Lord, your word is settled in Heaven.”

"What we have in mind is to impress it upon not only our church members, but also on anyone that comes across the materials we use to enhance Christian Education that whatever happens or whatever we are going through, the cloud seems to rover around some words of God which are very much there for us in the Bible. The Bible is not a close book, but sometimes people live their lives as if the world would not come to past. We just want people to know that whatever happens, the word of God is settled in Heaven.

"It doesn’t mean how I as a preacher interpreted or misinterpreted the scripture, the scripture must be fulfilled. Look at the politicians, they think they can rule the world without making reference to the God that made the world, but God is making a kind of mockery of them. National and international occurrences are pointing to one fact that one day the Ruler of the world will come. The world today is like a pregnant woman that falls to labour pain and you now gather some quacks to come and attend to the woman. They cannot find a solution. The events of the world are proving to us that politicians do not own the world, it belongs to God and Christ is coming.

"When he comes he is going to reign in righteousness. Just like the first prophecy of His birth was fulfilled, prophecy that has to do with His second coming shall come to pass and also all other scriptures must be fulfilled."
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