Why present generation of believers lack power- Pastor Akinpelu

Pastor D.I.O. Akinpelu

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Assistant Youth Coordinator, Christ Apostolic Church, Akinyele Region, Pastor D.I.O. Akinpelu has revealed why this present generation of believers lack power.  

He stated that this generation may lack power because they are proud, not humble and they lack honour.

Pastor Akinpelu stated this while ministering on Thursday January 17, 2019 at the day one of the annual “Festival of Champions” programme organized by Christ Apostolic Church, New Covenant Assembly, Iju-Ishaga Lagos.

He said that honour opens the doors of man’s anointing, saying that the anointing you don’t celebrate, you cannot contact and the lesser will always get more than He gives to the greater.

“Be aware that spiritual gifts are available for those who are available. Don’t waste your time waiting and crying to God to send it. Once you're available the gifts are available,” he noted.

He said that outpouring of the spirit was a promise in the Old Testament but was fulfilled on the day of Pentecost in the book Acts.2:1-4, saying that the work of God can never be performed in the prowess of humanity, philosophy of individuality or psychology of men.

According to him, there are some forces required in receiving spiritual impartation which he said are force of perception, force of panting, force of potent faith, force of persistent honour and force of persistent service.

The Cleric stated that the purpose of impartation is; “to break the chasm between you and God and draw you closer to Him, bring God on the inside of you and makes Christ to believe in you, transform you and change your life for better, help you to give value to the work and things of God, make God to become first in your life and always stir your curiosity concerning God and all that has to do with Him.

While emphasizing on force of panting; Pastor Akinpelu who is the Assembly of Pastor of CAC His Fame House said; “until I panted for the experience in the year 1992, since 1985 I gave my life, I did not receive the power until I gave it a very serious attention with strong panting. To pant means to long with breathless or intense eagerness.”

He noted that it takes a very forceful, convincing, cogent, compelling, or persuasive faith to receive power.

The Cleric also said faith is direct opposite of fear, where faith is absent is where you have fear. Fear is an indication that God’s word does not crystalize in an area.

“Three important letters in prayer and they are letter of application, letter of approval and letter of acceptance. Anytime we write letter of application to God in the name of Jesus, it gets divine Approval. Mk.11:24 says we have to write the letter of acceptance by faith before we can have it legally.

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