How God converted me from Islam for Prophet Hezekiah- Wife

Evangelist (Mrs) Esther Omobolanle Oladeji during the last Ministers' Wives Conference 

In her simplicity, royalty popped benignly to the fore, she has the poise of an Empress and the softness of her voice landed like the cadence of a soprano. She spoke with caution, carefully selected words. As she delivered each statement, you will be compelled to adjudge her for one freshly mint from the school of Solomon. Her words were full of wisdom. She is the woman behind the evangelical exploits of Prophet Hezekiah Oluboye Oladeji, the General Evangelist of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide.

Meet Evangelist (Mrs) Esther Omobolanle Oladeji, wife of Prophet Hezekiah.

She was born a Muslim; she grew up as a staunch Muslim while Prophet Hezekiah was a staunch Christian. In her religiously fanatical family, it was a taboo for nubile girls to introduce a Christian as would-be husband. She told Prophet Hezekiah bluntly when he expressed his love for her in 1987; “It is not going to be possible, in my family, we must not marry anybody who is not a Muslim.” But Prophet Hezekiah , who at the time, was always found holding his Bible by his armpit anywhere he was going, told her; “If it is the God of heaven that asked me to go and talk to you, you just wait and see, it will be possible.”

She kept faith with her family’s Islamic religion so much that when she was having strange dreams, which she couldn’t understand, her guardian, in an attempt to help her, took Omobolanle to Prophet Babalola who prescribed for her to go and fast on Abiye Mountain, Ede for seven days. She refused and ran to her biological parents in Ede, surprisingly the parents, especially her father, sent her back to her guardian in Oshogbo, saying; “I have completely handed you over to your aunt. You can’t come here except she permitted you to do so.” She had no choice but to return to her guardian. She eventually complied with the bidding of Prophet Babalola.

Somehow, in spite of her stance, Prophet Hezekiah continued to go visit her in school or he talked to her whenever they met in the neighborhood, since they never had opportunity to visit each other at home or anywhere else for the five years of their courtship.

Both love birds continue to wait and see what God would do until God, by His miraculous power, without anybody forcing her, without anybody preaching to her, converted Omobolanle to Christianity. She recalled that incident saying; “I would say I was converted by grace.”

The family opposition did not end there. The father was still adamant for some time more. But in the end, on October 17, 1994, both Omobolanle and Prophet Hezekiah tied the nuptial knot at CAC, Agric, Oshogbo before Prophet Babalola. This must be stated for effect, with the consent of all the families.

Her marriage with Prophet Hezekiah faced its own challenges. They counted for five years, and after marriage, they had to wait for issues of the womb for another five years. But today, the marriage is blessed with both male and female children.


  1. And the Lord or hosts shall continue to bless the union.

  2. Amazing testimony...i learnt the man of God (Prophet Hezekiah) spent 17 years praying for the manifestation of the about waiting on God for the 'perfect gift'!

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