INTERVIEW! Prophet Osinubi @50: God of Babalola, Babajide kept me alive

Prophet Matthew Oluwasegun Osinubi appreciating God on his birthday celebration day which is on Sunday 15th April, 2017

In every generation are Prophets God has ordained to be lights to His people. In this present generation, the minister in charge of Christ Apostolic Church, Fountain of Blessing, Lagos Prophet Matthew Oluwasegun Osinubi undoubtedly has been ordained by God to be a shining light. He celebrated his 50thbirthday on Sunday 15th April, 2018.

In this interview with the Publisher of CAC NEWS, ‘Gbenga Bankole, Prophet Osinubi speaks on how Late Prophet Babajide impacted and mentored him, what has been sustaining him since the last 50years and other interesting issues. Excerpt!  

How do you feel to be celebrating your 50th birthday today?
I am very glad and happy because God has done a lot for me. I never knew I can be alive till today. The journey has not been easy. It has been full of tribulations and challenges. I give the glory, honour and adoration to the God of Babalola, Babajide and the God of my mother. My mother is a bonafide member of Christ Apostolic Church. There was a prophecy through Pastor Odukoya to my mother that she will give birth to a son that will be Prophet of God. It got to a time my mother lose hope because of many challenges, but to God be the glory, the prophecy came to pass. I faced so many attacks and problems even when I was very small, but to God be the glory, God of Ayo Babalola make me to be alive till today. It is God of Ayo Babalola and Babajide that kept me alive.

Kindly tell us a day you can never forget since the last 5oyears
There are many days I cannot forget, but I could remember a day when I was still at Babajide school of Prophet in Ilesha, Babajide said they should look for someone in the compound with the name Segun. I was very surprised because he didn’t know me personally. Despite the fact that I was very young, I was located and Baba prayed for me. During and after the prayer, I know something happened to my life and destiny on that day. God used that day to connect me with him and I started driving him since that day.
Another day I cannot forget is September 15, 1981. It was the day I was called. I saw Jesus came to me with two angels. Jesus told me I should leave the mechanic work I was doing that he needs me in His vineyard. By His side there was a water like a liquid soup, He gave it to me and I used it to wash my hand. He then gave me a white handkerchief to clean my hand. I can never forget those two days.

Who are those people God has been using for you in the ministry?
The first person that God used for me in the ministry was Late Babajide. The second person was Pastor Odukoya. It was Pastor K.O Odukoya that made me to know my date of birth because my mother was not educated. It was the Baba that told the history of how I was born. The stress my mother went through and other things. He told me that I was over a year before my mother gave birth to me because it was a huge war. Who I need to celebrate today is the God of Ayo Babalola and Babajide. It is their call that make me to be alive. It is their God that backed me.

What has been sustaining you since the last 50years?
 The word and prayer my mother used to train me has been sustaining me. My mother trained me how to follow God and fast. I started doing dry fasting when I was 3yrears old. I really thank God that when I was growing up, ministers of God posted to my village used to like me. I always live in mission house because Ministers of God always adopt me as their child.
Then when God called me in September 15,  1991 and when I got to Ilesha, God connected me to Babajide who trained me.

Since the last 50years, how can you describe your life?
50years journey is not easy. God is indeed worthy to be praised in my life. The God of Ayo Babalola, Babajide and Odubanjo is worthy to be praised. God sustained me by His word and Spirit. I never believed I can be alive till today. I don’t tell God to continue with me, I only appreciate the level which he has taken me to because I never expected it. God has been good to me. My father had 12 children before having me. All the 12 children died. I am number 13. I am the only one alive because of the God of Ayo Babalola.

When did you get married sir?
I got married in 1995.

What are the roles your wife has played in your life and ministry?
My wife, Deborah Oluwatosin Osinubi has been supporting me and doing well. God has blessed us with many children. Although after we gave birth to the first born, it took us over 12years to have the second born. We thank God that he has been sustaining us.

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