Ordination of Pastors, consecration of Elders, Deaconesses, declaration of Cape Verde Missions characterize 22nd anniversary of CAC The Gambia

By 'Gbenga Bankole

It was a remarkable day of uncommon history at the 22nd Anniversary Thanksgiving of Christ Apostolic Church, The Gambia Headquarters, Tallinding, The Gambia held on Sunday April 16, 2023.

The anniversary themed "Growing Up into Him in all Things" is part of the Apostolic Visit of the President of the Church, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele to The Gambia.

Major highlights of the anniversary thanksgiving service is the ordination of two persons as Pastors by the President of the church, Pastor Oladele; appointment of two Elders and four Deaconesses by the Missions Director of the church, Pastor Caxton S. Fasuyi who also anchored the declaration of Cape Verde Missions.

Apart from the President, Pastor Oladele and his wife, Mrs. Susanna K. Oladele; Missions Director, Pastor Fasuyi and his wife, Mrs. Josephine T. Fasuyi; the programme had in attendance other members of the entourage of the President which include Special Assistant to the President, Pastor T.D. Asokeji; Director of Youth Affairs, Pastor Samson O. Gbuyiro; Coordinator of CACTS Lagos Campus & Chairman CAC Press Management Board, Pastor F.A. Olaniyi and Personal Assistant to the Mission Directorate, Pastor Ebenezer Adedigba. The programme also witnessed the presence of Head of Sierra Leon Missions, Pastor Roland Adeyemi and Head of Liberia Missions, Pastor John Olufemi.

The choir in their beautiful robe blessed the congregation with a blend of Nigerian and Gambian contemporary songs. 

While ministering on the topic "Demas, Mark and Luke" taking his text from 2nd Timothy chapter 4 verse 1 to 18, the President of CAC Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Oladele said Demas, Mark and Luke were companions of Apostle Paul through thick and thin, saying adversity has a way of showing your friends, as it diminishes the number of friends one has. 

Expatiating the text, Pastor Oladele said the passage was the last epistle of Paul to Timothy during his second imprisonment, explaining that the trio (Demas, Mark and Luke) stood with him at his first imprisonment when some of Paul's followers had deserted him when things changed, as mentioned in the text.

Talking about Demas, the President said Demas was a fellow worker with Paul who later forsook him. 

He explained that; "ministry is not easy talkless of being a companion of Paul.

When you are enlisted in the army of God, you have already signed your life just as it applicable to the nations' army. These were all what Demas went through with Paul but later changed the direction to desert Paul. He deserted Paul because he loved the present world. This gilgal world which is rolling and unstable. Demas went to where everything was sweet and pleasurable."

"The people you move with is one measure or yardstick to decide your position or depth in Christ. Demas left Paul and chose other company. Moses chose to associate with the people of God, the Jew, likewise John the Baptist, who was a lonely voice in the wilderness."

The President highlighted that Demas was mentioned three times as, Fellow Labourer (Philemon 1:24), Ordinary Demas (Colossians 4:14) and Backsliding Demas (2nd Timothy 4:10).

The Clergyman described Demas as a man who chose the unstable, rolling world in place of the eternal kingdom.

Talking about "Mark", Pastor Oladele said he was a backslider who worked with Paul and Barnabas at their first missionary journey, went back and was later restored, relating that since he was rededicated to his course of faith by reconciling with Paul, 

there is hope for restoration in God.

On Luke, Pastor Oladele said he was 

ever consistent, a medical doctor who chose to become a missionary and follower of Paul.

The CAC President further stated that Luke was, "a man who made great sacrifice for the course of the gospel. He followed Paul all through his missionary journeys. He resisted the temptations to desert Christ. He was a man you could predict his actions. Ever faithful, consistent and loyal."

Earlier in his speech, the Head of Gambia Missions, Pastor Gideon Adeoye appreciated the Church Authority for the finance provided to purchase the church land and the magnificent structure currently in use.

He noted that since November 2001, the church had grown from a house church to a local church in carpentry workshop, to over three hundred worshippers in functioning branches, most of which are on their own land while others are on leased/rented apartment.

On the history of the headquarter church, Pastor Adeoye said; "after series of little results and frustrating efforts for many years, the purchase of this land on which we stand today came on the February 14th 2013. It is on record that this edifice was achieved in 4years, 7 months and 20days. On Saturday, the 23rd February 2014, the foundation of this once upon a time forbidden forest was laid and, on the 3rd September 2018, the same hand that laid the foundation came to commission this befitting auditorium. That was one year after the land was purchased."

On how CAC The Gambia has used education as a missionary tool, Pastor Adeoye said; "as a tool of winning the people of the other faith in our society the church operates Nursery; Primary schools in both Lamin and Headquarters in Tallinding. Through this, many parents and kids are shown the love of Christ and hope to see them turn to Jesus soon. The schools have contributed in no small measure to the growth, sustainability of the Church and our projects since inception. Many of our members kids and some kids in the communities of our locations have benefitted from the scholarship program of the school."

The service ended with cutting of anniversary cake and group photographs with the President and his entourage.

Photo Speaks !

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