Lesson from the School of Life by Prophet Ade Ologbonyo


Prophet Ade Ologbonyo 

Every wise man should understand that going to the university or higher institutions of learning alone is not enough to teach one about the  lessons of life.

There are so many things you won’t be taught at school but life will teach you.

Life will teach you that no great thing happens suddenly. It takes time.

Every building starts from the bottom to the top. No one is born as an adult, We all grow from infants to become adults.

The strength & depth of a foundation will determine what we can build on whether a bungalow or a skyscraper. 

Your foundation has a lot to do with your behavior, conduct, character, success or failure in life.

Time hides in greatness,

if you are not consistent, determined, persistent, focused and prayerful with your purpose, goals and dreams, you might become a wishful thinker, no matter how spiritual you claim to be.

What you nurture today will nourish you tomorrow.

Life will teach you never to throw stones at every dog that barks at you. 

For every tree that bears fruit will receive stones and sticks. “Igi to ba so laye nsoko mo”

Life will teach you to maintain good and healthy relationship, for it can be lonely at the top. 

Great relationships are key to great success in life. God uses relationships to help everyone fulfill their destiny.

Life will teach you that your Judas Iscariot, your betrayer is in your camp. The closest person to you may be the one do the most painful  thing that will hurt you to the bone marrow.

Life will teach you that you can not always be a winner. 

In life, Sometimes you loose, sometimes you win. Embrace your experience, learn and move on.

Life will teach you that your friends will increase when you are in position of authority, power, influence and wealth, but when you are out of that office or your status changes, is when you will know your real true friends.

That is why you shouldn’t call anyone your friend until your challenges prove them.

Life, a great institution of learning, will teach you to beware of people’s accolades. For those who say “hosanna” today can say “crucify him” tomorrow. 

Those who abuse you today can clap for you tomorrow. So, for you to maintain your sanity and focus, atimes, you have to pretend to be blind, as if you can not see and pretend to be deaf. 

When God lifts you, lift others, when God helps you, help others and never expect anything in return.

Life will teach you that there’s no permanent champion, we only have current champions. 

That office you presently occupy, was once occupied by someone before and you can not be the last occupant. Another person will still take over from you, while you are alive or after you die.

So, if you are the current champion, apply wisdom in all your doings. Treat  people well, be mindful of what you say about your predecessor and don’t look down on the young and upcoming ones, 

for you never can tell what they will become in the twinkle of an eye.

Life will teach you that whatever you acquire in life is vanity. You met it here and you will leave it here. 

People come and go. As times change, so does the value of possessions.

The value of the new model of a vehicle reduces immediately a newer model is launched, just like it is with many material possessions.

So, the best wealth to treasure, is your health.

Health is wealth! So, avoid whatever that can affect your physical & mental health. 

Once you die, everything that mattered to you will no longer be important neither will you remember anything again.

People easily forget you once you are buried.



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