Total yieldedness to God: Key to realizing new year resolution - Pastor Joe Jacobs

Pastor Joe Jacobs 

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Amuwo Odofin Districts' Coordinating Council (DCC), Festac, Lagos, Pastor Joe Jacobs has said that the key to realizing one's beautiful resolution every year is total yieldedness to God.

He further said that there must be total yieldedness of soul, spirit and body to Him (God) to control us and obedience to His instructions, if truly the new year resolutions would be realized. 

Pastor Joe Jacobs who stated this in an exclusive chat with CAC News recently, said most of the times, God's instructions are illogical to human being, adding that; "for instance, when God said the Israelites should go round the wall of Jericho, humanly speaking, that can't bring down the wall of Jericho, but the Israelites obeyed Him."

The Clergyman opined that yieldedness simply means fleeing from any sinful acts, ensuring purity and holiness, because in the pursuit of new year resolutions, we will encounter satanic proposal as well.

"Satan will tell us to take short measure and short measure is the longest route to realize our yearly resolution. When we have totally yielded ourselves completely to His instructions we will follow the path of holiness, righteousness and total obedience to Him. This will also make us to be able to have peace with people and be able to serve the Lord.

"This is not without being hardworking and diligence in what we do. We must be committed to our pursuit and be focused. Those who are not focus cannot realise fully their resolution and the place of prayer and fasting can't overemphasized. There must be word-based prayerfulness supported with fasting. This is the way to overcome Satan, self and to remain pure and in the path of prosperity. When people refuses to pray, Satan will come in crafty way to derial one from the path ordained by God. Your resolution may be God's mind or God's inspired for you but if you don't pray very well the enemy will come to thwart the agenda of God. Once we yield ourselves to His own plans and agenda for us He will cause us to laugh and crown the year with His goodness," he said. 

He however, said new year resolutions are good desires of individuals which they hope will happen in the new year; further describing them as proposals by man and, man proposes, God disposes.

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