Nothing will keep you disadvantaged like self deception, says Rev. Ajetomobi at 2022 CACYOF Academic Summit

Reverend Samson Ajetomobi

By Glorious Afolaya

The President of The Men of Issachar Vision (MIV), Reverend Samson Ajetomobi has told students to be real with themselves, stating that nothing will keep them disadvantaged like self deception.

Speaking on the topic, "Engaging God in Personal Discipleship" at the ongoing 2022 CACYOF Academic Summit at Joseph Ayo Babalola University (JABU), Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun State, Rev. Ajetomobi said that we are producing Christians by name, birth and denomination but not by conviction; adding that it is important to do a redefinition of Biblical Christianity.

He said that how we are raised and who is raising us determines who we will become, such that when a life is properly raised, then hope has come to a generation.

Reverend Samson who called this generation the Daniel generation, highlighted the things to do in the engagement of personal disciples, saying that "the first is to confront yourself and be real with yourself. Only those who are humble with themselves will find helpers."

He further explained that the youths of this generation have refused to be real with themselves, "they have refused to pay attention to the areas in their lives where they are lagging behind either academically, spiritually, or in our relationships."

Stating the second point as to choosing who to follow, the Visioner of Men of Issachar said that, "you are a product of every choices you make. Every choice has its benefits and negative consequences, so you have the chance to make your choices wisely. The third point is to get rid of the weak mind. The mind does the right thing at lonely hours, times when you are alone. For you to know God better, you must commune with Him in your lonely hours."

Reverend Ajetomobi expressed that life is an influence and that nobody notices normal people, which led him to the fourth point, growing companies of influence. 

He explained to the youths that the companies they keep will help them in fulfiling life mandate. 

Rev. Ajetomobi cited an example of Daniel who never settled for the average, but rather, increased his worth and the worth of those who surrounded him increased. 

According to him, "Daniel understood that in governance, number matters so he grew a company of influence."

He however addressed that, a hidden light does not serve anybody but the light set upon the hill serves the whole world, stating that, "discipleship is following Jesus passionately and letting him make a new you. For anyone who wants to be a major for Christ, hardworking is required."

The clergyman stated that the lifestyles of a disciple are; "labour in prayer, in word and in soul winning," saying that, "If you are a carrier of God, you must take the light of God to the darkest parts. Stop being a Christian whose impact cannot be felt."

"According to him, anything you have not experienced, you can not offer to people. Christianity is bearing Jesus to your generation and not just bearing a Christian name. A disciple is a sold out follower."

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