CAC Odubanjo Region, Ondo State chapter holds Regional Ministers Seminar, urges ministers on faithfulness to God

By 'Gbenga Bankole

Christ Apostolic Church, Odubanjo Region, Ondo State chapter, on Thursday July 8, 2021 held 2021 Regional Ministers Seminar with the theme "God in the Administration of Man."

The conference which was held at the regional headquarters of Odubanjo Region, CAC Oke-Igan, Akure was specially organised for all ministers of God which include midwives, Pastors, District Superintendents, Zonal Superintendents and DCC Superintendents.

The Regional Superintendent of Odubanjo Region, Pastor D.I.O. Edoh while delivering the Welcome Address urged the Ministers to try as much as possible to be faithful to God and their callings at their various duty posts.

He implored them to gird their loins, be always ready because the time and hour that Jesus would come is not known to anybody.

"As you can see, the mighty are falling, a lot of mysterious things are happening around us pointing to the fact that the Owner of the work (Jesus) will come back very soon. As students of the Bible, it is very obvious that we are in the end time. Therefore, gird your loins, be always ready because the time and hour that Jesus would come is not known to anybody," he stated.

He also said: "when we look back and see what happened in the nations of the world last year - I mean COVID-19 pandemic that ravaged the nations - you will see that we have every reason to give thanks to God Almighty who saved us by His power. Praise be to His Holy name (Amen)."

Photo speaks !

The first lecture was delivered by the DCC Superintendent of CAC Oke-Igbala DCC, Akure, Pastor S.A. Olaiya and last lecture by DCC Superintendent of CAC Oke-Iye DCC, Pastor S.O. Ajayi.

The concluding part of the annual seminar of Odubanjo Region would hold next week (Thursday July 15, 2021) in Ekiti State which will comprise all ministers in Ekiti State.

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