If you're not called by God as a Prophet, don't call yourself a Prophet, Pastor Adedeji tells Ministers


Pastor/Prof. 'Femi Adedeji

By 'Gbenga Bankole

A former Head of Department, Department of Music, Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) , Pastor/Prof. ‘Femi Adedeji has said anyone who God has not called to be a Prophet should not call himself so.

He said otherwise, such person would be a casualty and a cast away at the end of the day. 

Pastor Adedeji who stated this last week while ministering at the Babajide International Ministerial Sharpening Conference (BIMSCON) 2021 organised by CAC  Babajide School of Prophets and Evangelists (CACTS Ilesa Campus) said those who are called to be Prophet should examine themselves in view of the word of God.

He further said they should always pay attention to, and accept the leading, correction and rebukes of the Holy Spirit. 

"Beware of the voice you pay attention to. Any voice that instructs you to please yourself, gratify your lusts or contravene the scriptures, is not the voice of God. You want to be a Prophet? Be ready to pay the price. You would have to lose your rights and worldly enjoyment. You must deny yourself and follow the dictates of God at all times," the Cleric noted.

He said many have entered into the ministry by error as a result of covetousness, wrong advice, witchcraft manipulation, satanic prophetic gifts, unemployment etc, adding that such are misfits and would always bring shame to the body of Christ.

On what it takes to be a Prophet, Pastor Adedeji said one must be divinely called to the office, be gifted in the prophetic, be trained, receive authority of a Prophet and be commissioned.


  1. I strongly endorse the summary of Pastor Adedeji’s teaching as stated above. Records of their foretell predictions should be written down. If any of them is not inline with the Scriptures or fail to come to pass, such a “prophet” is a babalawo or iya alawo. No matter how highly such individuals are placed, the church authority and church members should call them to other.

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