Ministers should know that ministry is about sacrifice, not immediate gain- Prophet Ologbonyo



Prophet Joseph Ade Ologbonyo is the planter of Christ Apostolic Church, Church of Boanerges. He was recently given a surprise birthday celebration by his spiritual children. The glamorous celebration was held at Oriental Hotel in Lagos. Two books of Prophet Ologbonyo were also launched. In an interview with CAC News, Prophet Ologbonyo speaks about ministry and other interesting issues in the ministry. EXCERPTS! 


How do you feel to be celebrated on a day like this?

I am overwhelmed, dumbfounded and excited. This is because I don’t know about this arrangement. Some people came together to put this together. When they came to me to make their intention known I told them that I don’t want party, but I’m very surprised and excited by what I saw here today. I just want to thank God. I don’t know what to say than to appreciate the Almighty God.


Tell us briefly about the two books that were launched today

The first one is “Humility: An uncommon Key to Greatness.” It is very unfortunate that some people cannot manage fame or prosperity. It is easy to manage poverty than fame or prosperity. Some people can’t manage fame and prosperity. The way they talk to people you will think they are the ones that gathered the whole world. Whatever position you find yourself you must understand that every position of power and authority has an expiry date and you must manage that position well because it’s going to be a disaster if you crash from top to down. It is better to be at the bottom than to be at the top and fumble at the place. Whomever God has elevated to the position of authority must be very conscious so that they don’t think they got to the position by their strength and power. The message of the book “Humility: An uncommon Key to Greatness” is all about humble yourself the more so that God can lift you the more.

The second book which its titled is “Before you Burnout” addresses people who think they can alone do it all. Some people in this generation think they can do it all. If those people that started before us finished everything, we would have nothing to do now. You must take your time to rest. Take your time to relax. Take your time to be alone with God. Live a stress-less life. Develop people that will take over from you when you are still alive. When you don’t have a good successor you are not successful. That is why you must prepare the ground for people that will take over from you and give them opportunity or chance to explore their gifts. Allow them to do the work when you are still alive and correct them when necessary so that they can uphold the legacies you have established.


From what you said about yourself we can see that God moved you from grass to grace. Can you tell us one or two lessons life taught you going by your experience?

I have learnt a lot from life. I see life as a university you don’t graduate from. You learn everyday. When you stop learning, you start dying. Any situation you find yourself is a university. It is a subject and don’t lose focus. Don’t allow what you are passing through to shift your focus. Have a vision and be guided. It is not a sin to have ambition, but it is a sin to be overambitious. You must have something that is guiding your life. Life is a university you don’t graduate from. You keep learning from people lower to you, from people of your level and people above you. And you surround yourself with positive minded people that will encourage you to keep on moving. What happened to me encouraged me. I have seen a lot in my life that has discouraged me. They have encouraged me to forge ahead and by God’s grace we will keep on moving forward.


What is your advice to those who are confused about what God has called them to do?

They should go back to God to know what exactly He has called them to do. It is a mistake to set out without knowing what God wants you to do or else you will become a photocopy. Photocopy cannot be the original. It can look like it but it can never be like it. I don’t want to be like anybody. I love those people ahead of me. I emulate them. I learn from them, but I don’t want to be like them. I want to be Ade Ologbonyo. I want to be want God wants me to be. I want to do the assignment God has committed into my hands. People can say anything but I know what God has committed into my hands and I know I won’t give account to men, but God.


Looking at how you have been celebrated today, it shows it is good to live a life of impact. What does it takes to live a life of impact?

Living a life of impact demands a lot of sacrifice. Within my short time in the ministry which is about 15 years God has been helping me to live a sacrificial life. It is a ministry of doing things for peoples’ sake. The kind of ministry God gives me is about helping people. I don’t have money in my bank account, but when I move out you think I have huge money with me. I don’t believe in keeping money, I like helping people. I love seeing people succeeding and giving my total support. I am an incurable optimist and I don’t believe in impossibility. I believe in touching lives and making positive impacts. If you cannot add to somebody’s joy don’t add to his or her sorrow. That is what I am expecting people to do and that is my ministry. I am committed to it to the core. To me impacting lives is a sacrifice. At times you do it for people they say it is not enough. They don’t even know if that is your last kobo, while at times some people may stab you at the back. When God has elevated you people will be saying different things. Some may even say “o d'ogbon si ni.” Jesus Christ can give you a lot of things. It is only that many people don’t know Him. I know Him and practically I have seen Him. I have never collected salary since I left government work and entered into full time ministry. I have never used church money to buy car, build house or travel out of the country and God has been faithful. Sacrificing my life for others has reward. God has His own way of rewarding those who live the sacrificial life, though some people may pay you back in a negative way, but you are actually leaving a legacy that will speak after you. If you are expecting immediate gain you won’t go far.


What is your message to ministers who have wrong perspectives about ministry?

The word “minister” means servant. You are to serve God and people. People are your assets. You must not let your focus be shifted as a young minister. You must be patient, don’t be in haste. Whatever that is done quickly doesn’t benefit the body. Release yourself to be nurtured by some godly people. I was born into family of Pastors, but I waited on the Lord to call me. After waiting for Him to call me, I also waited on Him to give me instruction on what to do. Don’t go into the ministry if you don’t know what God has called you to do and be patient to learn physically and spiritually. As I am talking to you I still obtained form recently to further my formal education despite the fact that the work God committed into my hand is enormous. I was in about 52 villages and three countries last year to preach the gospel. Despite that I created time to read. I can’t do without reading in a day even if it is two lines and it has being part of me. You learn from everywhere and even from people who can guide you rightly so that you will do the right thing and not be a disgrace to the Christendom.



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