“Facing Life’s Challenges” by Pastor Doyin Adeyemi

Challenges are inevitable in life. Every living human being has to face one challenge or the other. Although it varies, no man can escape life’s challenges. The road to success is not straight, there are curves, there are ups and downs, there are pits, and potholes, only people with strong wheel, determination and focus will be able to journey through it.

People naturally want an easy life, and they want everything to go smoothly, they pray for a life without ups and downs but the reality remains that, no one can live a fulfilled life without passing through ups and downs.

Abraham had his share of life’s challenges before he can be called the father of faith. He faced the challenge of childlessness for many years, but today his testimony is an outstanding one. What about the misunderstanding between the herdsmen of Lot and his herdsmen that led to the separation between them and Lot has to choose the best place living his uncle Abraham to where he (Lot) felt is not good enough but Abraham handled it with maturity and it turns to blessing for him.

He also had a matrimonial challenge when there was a clash between Sarah his wife and Hagar the slave, and Sarah demanded that Hagar should be sent out of the house with her son who was supposed to be the firstborn of Abraham but he was matured enough to follow divine direction.

Isaac also had his share of life’s challenges. He also had a delay but after intensive prayer, God gave him two nations (Male Children). He had confrontation from people who felt he’s becoming too strong for them. But he was able to face those challenges and he became a testimony for us today.

Jacob had his share of life’s challenges, his brother wanted to kill him because of what he did, he left home empty in search of life’s partner, Laban gave him the woman he never loved after seven years of active service, he served for another seven years to get the women he loved but, the woman he loved also had a delay in childbearing and other challenges faced by Jacob but all ended in testimonies.

Joseph, a young man with a wonderful dream also had his share of life’s challenges. He was sold into slavery by his blood brothers because of envy. He became a slave boy in Potiphar’s house doing works he never did in his father’s house. He was sent to prison by Potiphar for the offense he never committed but everything ended in testimony.

Moses had his own life’s challenges too, at birth he was hidden because of the fear of death, he was placed on the river because of the same fear. He had to hide his identity to live in the king’s palace, for him not to be killed. When his identity was discovered, he had to run out of Egypt. Moses was a physically challenged person (a stammerer) he had a challenge in leading the people who never believed in him. They spoke against him, they rebelled against him, they frustrated him but he was able to take them far.

The Israelites themselves had challenges on their way to the Promised Land. They met things they never bargained for. The red sea was on their way. They had to pass through the wilderness where no one to help when challenges come, except God whom they never know. They were hungry, thirsty, sometimes they drank bitter water, enemies rose against them, snakes bite them, and so many challenges but in the end, they got to the Promised Land.

David also had life’s challenges, Daniel and the three Hebrews. Even Jesus our Lord has his challenges in life. He never had where to lay his head. The very God himself, who was rich in glory had to endure the cross, he died like a criminal, he was ridiculed but utter no statement. He never promised us a challenge-free life, he said in the world you shall see tribulation but be of good cheer I have overcome the world. John 16:33.

 No one becomes an overcomer who has not been to the battle before, so life challenges are inevitable, but how do we face them? That we will not become a victim, because there are people who did not overcome life challenges.

How to face life’s challenges

See challenges as God’s way of bringing out the best in you

Your mental picture determines your actual future. You cannot be greater than what you see. Your perception of life’s challenges determines your result in it. The starting point to your victory over life’s challenges is to see God using it to bring out the best in you.

Stop asking why me? The answer is because you are the next to be promoted and that challenge is your promotion examination. Stop asking who is responsible? It is God who is at work in you both to will and to do of his good purpose. Philippians 2:13. God wants to bring out his glory from it. John 9:3. Gold will not shine until it passes through fire. Whatever you are passing through now, you will come out of it better than you have been before, all you need to do is to see God in it.

Be positive in your approach

 If you want to come out a victor from life’s challenges, you must be positive in your approach. Never feel defeated even at the toughest moment. Stop trying to look for someone to be blamed for your predicament. Embrace life as a gift of God and appreciate God for the opportunities ahead.
Trust God for your victory

Your faith and trust in God has a lot to do with your victory from life’s challenges. Proverbs 3:5 encourages us to trust God with our heart, that he may direct our path. David explained how he overcame his own life’s challenges in Psalm 23, as he believed God enough to follow his leading. Daniel trusted God to go through the lion’s den and he came out a victor. Daniel 6:1-24. The three Hebrews trusted God to go through the fire and they came out in victory. Daniel 3:1- 30. If you put your trust in the Lord you will not be disappointed. God Never loses any battle so also those who trust Him will win all battles because he will be the one fighting for them.

Build your confidence in God


Psalm 27:13 said, I am still confident of this, that I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. David in 1 Samuel 30, after his family had been captured, encouraged himself in the Lord. Mostly during life’s challenges, fear sets in but when you build your confidence in God, you will be able to overcome the fear. Face the challenges and come out a victor.
Take bold steps

The four Lepers in 2 King 7 would have died of hunger, if not that they took bold steps. Esther and the entire Jews would have been wiped away if not that she took a bold step and approach the king. Pharaoh would have met the Israelites at the side of the red sea and re-enslaved them, if not that they took a bold step into the red sea and see God in action. If you want to overcome life’s challenges, you must take bold steps.


Paul said in Romans 8:39, that “in all these, we are more than conquerors, through him that loves us”. The challenges you are passing through is part of that “all these,” face it and you will overcome

Pastor Doyin Adeyemi
Zonal Superintendent, 
CAC, Light of the World Zone,
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