Marriage is a sacramental bond that must not be broken- DCC Superintendent, CAC Odi-Olowo DCC

DCC Superintendent, CAC Odi-Olowo DCC, Pastor E.O.T. Olorunwa

By Oluwafemi Dosu

The DCC Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Idi Olowo District Coordinating Council (DCC), Pastor E.O.T. Olorunwa has stated that marriage is a sacramental bond that must not be broken, saying marriage is the union of a man and a woman to become one.

The DCC Superintendent made this known recently at the just concluded Refresher Course organized for Ministers and their wives, elders/Deacons, deaconesses and church workers in Idi-Olowo DCC.

While speaking on the topic, The Fundamental Teachings of Marriage In Christ Apostolic Church, Pastor Olorunwa noted that some wrong marital teachings, practices and developments that are leading to unbecoming incidents, stirred the minds of some concerned God-fearing ministers, adding that some supposed mouthpiece of God that ought to correct some marital wrongs now champion and practice abominable acts. He said the incredible stories that emanate after demise of some supposed prominent ministers of God are worrisome.

He lamented that cases of ministers caught fornicating with the brides who have been earlier joined in holy wedlock with their husbands in the name of the father, Son, and Holy Ghost now abound.

The clergy who used the constitution and order of service of Christ Apostolic Church backed with the Holy Bible to form basic material for his lecture stated elucidated five types of marriage as Customary, Islamic, Legal, Trial and Ecclesiastical/Church marriage. He clearly stated that his lecture focuses of Ecclesiastical/Church marriage which is the one recognized by the constitution of the church.

He further revealed the marital aspect of constitution as:

1.The only type of marriage recognized by the church is the partnership of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others, in mutual fidelity, respect, trust and service in a joint endeavor to provide and maintain a family whose Head is Christ, the Lord.

2.No member of the church shall enter into polygamous marriage or encourage his children or dependants to enter into such a marriage.

3.A marriage contracted in the Marriage registry or under Customary law shall later be blessed at a church marriage service.

4.No emergency marriage shall be solemnized except for very important reasons, in which case, there shall be at least one month’s notice.

5.No marriage shall be solemnized in the church during a Sunday service except for very important reasons which shall make it impossible to have same done on any other week day.

Pastor Olorunwa also reiterated according to the constitution that investigations should be done on the to-be couple before joining, they should undergo counseling, adding that the holy Bible is the only instrument of wedlock allowed in Christ Apostolic Church and no member should indulge in extravagant expenditure on wedding ceremonies.

According to the constitution of the church where a bride is pregnant before marriage, the couple may be joined together, but shall not enjoy full marriage rites before and during the service and they shall also be suspended from taking part in th Holy Communion, Church societies and any Church office for three months.

The constitution also stated clearly that any member of the church, who encounters difficulties in his or her marriage, should consult his Assembly Pastor, who shall make all efforts to reconcile the parties; and any member who is found guilty of matrimonial offence leading to the separation of the couple shall not be allowed to remarry.

Pastor Olorunwa declared clearly according to the constitution backed up with the word of God that the church does not permit divorce; and nothing in the foregoing shall prevent a spouse whose husband or wife is dead from re-marrying.

He concluded by advising ministers of God to seek knowledge in the areas of joining of couple and marriage.

Dignitaries who graced the refreshers course include the District Superintendent of Liberation District, Pastor A.A Adeniyi; Minister in Charge, CAC  Redemption Centre, Pastor M.A Aluko; District Supertendent of Peaceland District/DCC Secretary, Pastor F.A Oke; District Superintendent of Idera District, Pastor R.O Owolabi; District Superintendent of Ogo Oloruntan District, Pastor S.A Olokode; Idi Olowo DCC Superintendent, Pastor E.O.T Olorunwa.

The Refreshers course Committee members are Pastor F.A Oke, Pastor J.O Adebanjo, Pastor M.O Adeosun, Pastor E.A Ekkundayo and Pastor C.O Oladapo.
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