INTERVIEW! God can call full time Pastors into politics- DCC Superintedent, Somolu Olaleye, Pastor Akinyomi

Pastor Joseph Oluwemimo Akinyomi

History was made on Sunday March 17, 2019 at Christ Apostolic Church, Somolu Olaleye Districts Coordinating Council (DCC) as their second DCC Superintendent, Pastor Joseph Oluwemimo Akinyomi was formally inducted. In this exclusive interview, Pastor Akinyomi speaks with ‘Gbenga Bankole on his vision for the DCC and other interesting issues.

How do you feel to be inducted as the DCC Superintendent of CAC Somolu Olaleye DCC?

I feel elated and I bless the name of the Lord. The Bible says no one can receive anything except it is given from above. I thank God for giving me the grace to be inducted as the second Superintendent of Somolu Olaleye DCC.

What is your vision for the DCC?

The vision God gave to me for this DCC is to transform the DCC. The transformation is to give life of Christ to ministers and members of Somolu Olaleye DCC. It is also to give light of Christ to the DCC so that when the light of Christ illuminates every heart, we will know the right and our vision will be heavenly worth, not earthly worth.

How many Districts are under Somolu Olaleye DCC?

We were upgraded to DCC status in December 2017 by the Authority of CAC Worldwide. That time we had four districts, but by the special grace of God, when I entered the office in January 2018, one district was added to us making it five districts in our DCC.

Five districts with how many assemblies?

In the five districts we have about 80 assemblies.

Moving forward what is your plan in terms of church planting?

By the special grace of God, my plan is that the five districts should increase to 10 in the next two years. It can only be possible if we engage in church planting. Our mission is to plant viable churches, not mushroom churches.

Mission field evangelism is part of the vision of CAC Worldwide. Do you have the vision to engage in mission field evangelism?

Our major vision in Somolu Olaleye DCC, particularly the DCC headquarters is mission field soul winning. For example, the DCC headquarters has six assemblies in Benin Republic. Although we gave those assemblies to a Zone in Benin Republic, we are still nurturing the assemblies till date and we are paying their ministers' salaries. Somolu Olaleye also planted an assembly in Garbon. We also planted some assemblies in some states in Nigeria. We have an assembly each in Ondo, Anambra and Ogun States. Because of the geographical locations, those assemblies are not under our DCC but we are paying the salary of their Ministers.

There is no doubt your DCC performed well when it comes to Seed of Blessing 2018. What is your plan in 2019? Are you looking forward to be among the top three in CAC Worldwide?

By the special grace of God we will get there. It is not that Somolu Olaleye is more financially buoyant than some other DCCs, it is just a matter of faithfulness and commitment. We have DCCs in CAC with 12 to 18 districts and they are not in top 10. Even those who are above us in 2018 have more districts compared to us. We only have five districts and we are number seven in CAC Worldwide. It is all about faithfulness. As I am telling you now, I have no official car and I don’t receive some of my allowances. I just want to be faithful to God and the authority of the church. Since 2015 we have been in the top 10. In 2016 we were number 9, in 2017 we were number 8 and in 2018 we were number 7 in CAC Worldwide. By the special grace of God we are going to be in the top 3 this year.

The authority said that the minimum amount every adult should pay for Seed of Blessing as from this year is N3,000, but adults in Somolu Olaleye had been paying it since about five years ago.

Every Pastor pays a minimum of N5000, District Superintendent N10,000, while DCC Superintendent is N20,000 above and we are still going to upgrade it.

What is your message to ministers, elders and members of CAC Somolu Olalelye DCC regarding giving adequate support to achieve your vision?

I really need their support because with God and their full support, the work will move forward. If the Elders decided not to give me full support there is nothing I can do. Without their support, we would not have performed well in terms of payment of Seed of Blessing last year. When I was transferred here, some of them said I am here to make money for the authority of the church. I heard it and I addressed it that it wasn’t like that. I am here to do God’s work, but I must be loyal to God and the authority of the church.

Why is it difficult for CAC assemblies in an environment to come together and hold a crusade that will shake the whole environment for Christ?

That is a very good question. Until all of us see this work as a kingdom work, we may not be able to hold such crusade. In a situation whereby everybody wants to build empire for themselves that kind of crusade can’t hold. For example we have three DCCs here in Somolu. If three of us can come together and organize a crusade called “Somolu For Christ,” it will be great. However, can it work? Are we not going to be fighting on the souls that will be won at the crusade? Supposedly we are going to plant an assembly after the crusade, under which DCC will the assembly be?

 If we look at it from the angle that it is for expansion of the kingdom of God, fighting on souls won at the crusade should not matter to us.

At the just concluded General Council Meeting of CAC Worldwide, the authority of the church said that Pastors that have political ambition are free to pursue it. Meanwhile, some people believed that full time Pastors should not engage in politics. What is your opinion regarding this?

 God says my ways are not your ways. Nobody can predict God or predict what He will say. The only thing that He won’t do is to deny Himself. The first President of Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide, Oba I.B. Akinyele was a Pastor. He became the king of Ibadan land after God called him into the ministry. God can call anybody to become a politician. God can call any Pastor to go into politics and lead the nation. This nation belongs to God and it is not compulsory that He should use unbelievers. He can call a faithful person to take up a political post. Can someone tell me now that it is not God that called Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. He is a Pastor of a RCCG parish in Lagos and God called him into politics. He is now the Vice President of Nigeria. When a righteous is the King, people will enjoy. God can call anybody into politics, you just need to be sure that God called you. If God called you, He will back you up. But if God didn’t call you and you are there to acquire wealth, the person will miss the road because they will lure and initiate him or her into cultism.

The President of CAC Worldwide, Pastor Abraham O. Akinosun at the General Council advised President Buhari to keep to his electioneering promises. What is your advice to President Buhari regarding this?

I believe God will enable him to keep to that promise, but it is not easy to change this kind of corrupt nation. Some of the corrupt leaders we have in the country will never want President Buhari to succeed. They will be using religion and tribalism to divide us. Even some leaders will be saying Buhari wants to islamise Nigeria. If Buhari had the plan to islamise Nigeria, he would have done it when he was the military head of state of the country because he had the authority to make such decree. Did those who are saying Buhari wants to islamise Nigeria know that many of his personal staff, drivers, cooks etc. are Christians? God can use anybody to govern a nation. God used Cyrus who was a gentile not a Jew in the Bible to set the Israelites free from captivity. I believe God will enable President Buhari to bring change to Nigeria if we all support him. If we support him, he will fulfill his electioneering promises, but if people say no, there is nothing he can do.

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