CAC Life and Power Zone holds mass wedding for prospective Elders, Deaconesses

By 'Gbenga Bankole

Christ Apostolic Church, Life and Power Zone, Ikorodu Lagos, on Sunday February 24, 2019 held mass wedding for prospective Elders and Deaconesses in the church.

A total number of 21 couples wedded. The wedding ceremony was part of the activities every prospective Elder and Deaconess who had not done such must undergo in order to be qualified for appointment. Also, all prospective Elders and Deaconesses are to undergo a compulsory seminar.

While speaking with CAC NEWS, the Zonal Superintendent of Life and Power Zone, Pastor Mich 'Tunji Oladapo said that they want the couples and other candidates to know the importance of undergoing proper training before assuming the positions of elders and deaconesses in the church.

He told CAC NEWS that he stated it clearly in the preface of the handbook that will be used for the seminar organized for them that people perish for lack of knowledge, saying that there are many Elders and Deaconesses who are misbehaving today due to lack of knowledge and misconceptions of what it takes to occupy such positions.

While answering a question on the impact of a good Christian home on an elder or a deaconess, Pastor Oladapo stated that "the importance of a good home cannot be overemphasized. An incident happened as far back in 1980 when I was in CAC Ikorodu DCC headquarters. There was a particular woman in the choir who was always the first person to read the Bible whenever preaching was going on. On that fateful day during the sermon she rose up to read the Bible, but her husband angrily shouted that she should not be allowed to read the Bible. He said the woman was useless at home. Home is very important and when a person fails at home, they fail everywhere. Many Pastors failed today because they failed at home. Many Pastors failed because their wives failed them. We want all the prospective elders and deaconesses to know how God wants a Christian home to look like and how it can affect their duties in the church."

Also, when asked the role of the church in reducing divorce rate, the Cleric said: "the first institution God set up was the home (marriage). After the home many things took place and later on government set in to protect lives and properties. When government also failed, church came in. The role of the church is to restore the home to its original estate."

" In this church we set aside a particular Sunday in a month for family enrichment and empowerment. We teach and pray on homes and it has helped so many homes in the church. God has used me in this church to collect four divorce papers after the law court has dissolved the marriages. I told the couples involved that the divorce paper is not for them and I collected it. And to the glory of God, the couples are living happily now after about ten years the incident happened."

"If the church will teach the truth and empower every home from the Bible, there will be sanity in the home and the rate of divorce will not only reduce, it will even be a thing of history in the Christian world."

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  1. OK now I understand. I thought they are youths newly getting married, my question will HV been in series lolz but I can see they are adults with experience in marriage but not legally married.
    it's a very wonderful action. It speaks voluminously with a great impact. Glory to God for the insight. More grace and wisdom from HIM to all our leaders. we shall all succeed in Jesus name. applaudise

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