INTERVIEW! My life journey has been from grass to grace- Pastor Mapur

It is no longer news that today is the birthday of the General Secretary of Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide, Pastor Emmanuel Ezekiel Mapur. In this exclusive interview with CAC NEWS, Pastor Mapur speaks about his life in the last 52years and other interesting issues. Excerpt !

Undoubtedly your life has being an expression of God’s grace sir. How do you feel to be celebrating another year?

I feel so happy to celebrate another year because there are many of our peers that are dead or are facing different kinds of challenges, and most unfortunately some have not known the Lord. They are still wallowing in their sins. To be a child of God makes me so happy and elated. It is by God’s grace that I have been kept to witness a day like this. I am happy about it and thank God.

To the glory of God you are now 52 years. What does it means to you to be 52 sir?

Whoa! To be 52 years is wonderful and great. Because when we were growing up we saw that kind of longevity as if it is not attainable, but here we are. It makes me so happy and I give God the glory for sustaining me and keeping me from all dangers. I keep saying our God is omniscient. The Bible says He knows the end from the beginning. As human beings, we don’t know the next minute before us, but God knows it. I thank God that has been removing the obstacles of death, sickness and evil. He should be praised.

How can you describe your life's journey since the last 52 years?

My life is nothing more than grace because I have been coming from grass to grace. My village is in Bokkos Local Government and predominantly my parents are farmers. I thank God for their support towards my formal education. Most of my peers waited till free education programme commenced before they started schooling, but because of my parents’ passion for study, I was paying tuition fee in the primary school even before the free education caught up with us. That was how my life journey started. During my school time, like everyone who studied those days especially in the village there was not enough time to study. When you come back from school you have to go to the farm to work. We pushed through the hurdles before we got to where we are. The journey of life is God’s destiny pushing us through the destiny we need and the willingness of our parents, and our listening ears to them took us through the life journey.

 Who are those people who contributed a lot to your life that you can never forget?

My parents, particularly my mother must be acknowledged. This is because through thick and thin she supported me. She went extra mile to get my school fees. Even when I received the call of God to serve Him, her prayer was also there to assist me. When I received the call of God some of my peers felt the ministry is not a lucrative job and personally I didn’t intend that I will be a minister of God, but how it happened, I didn’t know. But eventually when I received the call of God through His grace I saw His hand. I was first posted to a village in Bokkos Local Government when I started and I reported there as an Evangelist on the 26th of August, 1988. I looked lonely the first time I got there. I started imagining how I would cope there, but before I knew it I acclimatized with the place. I began to settle and eventually the interest and passion for the job came on me. From there I went for the Bible School in Enugu. It was after I came back from the Bible School that I was posted to somewhere in Akure.

In the ministry my wife has been a pillar. I know how God used her to keep me going. She encouraged me even when I felt discouraged. She helped me in prayers, in counseling and she rebuked me when it was necessary. She is one of the major contributors to my life. My children have also been supportive to me.

I want to appreciate some minister friends who are always praying for me. We discuss and encourage one another.

Coming to the leaders of the church, I want to thank God in the life of the former General Secretary of CAC Worldwide, Pastor Okegwemeh. He is someone who encouraged me and really helped me. He is someone who I can call a role model and an encourager. I related with him to the extent that I looked at myself and imagined how it happened. I thank God for his life. He encouraged me even when it was difficult.

I must not also forget the Regional Superintendent of Odubanjo Region, Pastor S.O. Akinsulure. When we were working at the Sunday School Department, I remembered very well how he encouraged and gave me the opportunity to keep studying while working. He gave me the opportunity to earn my first degree while in that department. If he had not allowed me to study, it could have affected me. He fought so much for me even when someone didn’t support his decision for me to be on study leave with pay. The person wanted to cut off my basic salary, but Baba Akinsulure had to tell him that he shouldn’t do so because I came from the north and I have family.

I must also appreciate Late President of the church, Pastor E.H.L. Olusheye. He was my first superintendent in the Sunday school department. I worked with him for about three to four years. He took me like one of his children. When I had no food he gave me food and he made sure our welfare was properly taken care of.

I cannot but mention the current President of the mission, Pastor Abraham O. Akinosun because he has been a father and he is so encouraging. He is a man who prays and listens to the voice and the leading of God. He was the one that God used surprisingly to bring me forward.

These are the people that touched my life.

Members of the church across the globe are rejoicing with you on this memorable day of yours. What is your message to them?

I want to appreciate and thank them because they are always being there. They cooperate with us without which we cannot succeed. I want to thank them and pray that our Christian race will end in God’s kingdom.  None of us should be slack. I pray that we keep on as CAC members, as Christians and at the end of the race we will hear welcome home faithful servants from God. I pray for every member of the church and I ask that God will bless everyone of them as they rejoice with me on this auspicious day as I mark my 52nd birthday.

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