August, month of walking in faith by Pastor Amos Dada

Pastor Amos Dada

It is with great delight and pleasure that I welcome you to the month of August, our month of Walking in Faith. Faith is that popular word like love that defines us as Christians. Faith is that word that elicits our life and energizes us. Faith is that aspect of human life which God says without it He is nor pleased.

Faith in the Christian world is one of the vocabularies that is severally used everywhere for good or for bad. Faith is a powerful word and very rewarding when adequately applied in our individual life or as a group of people. Faith was what Jesus commended when some people came to him for one favour or the other.
The death of Christ is the engine of the car call Christianity, but faith is the fuel that enables the car to. drive.

My plea with you from this month is that don’t just drag along in Christianity , be the driver of your life, put full gas –faith in your car and keep cruising. Let faith propel you to prosperity, healing and miracles.

Faith shall motivate you and help you to be a major stakeholder in winning souls for God in your generation. Eight speaks of new beginning, the month of August is the eighth month of the year, go and begin walking in faith anew and share fresh testimonies. Go and walk in Faith.
Happy New Month.
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Pastor Amos Dada is the District Superintendent and Pastor-in-charge of Christ Apostolic Church Bethel Toronto and Director of Mission CAC Bethel District of North America.

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