There's no problem we're facing in church today than unsaved souls becoming title holders, says Pastor Gbuyiro


CAC Director of Youth Affairs, Pastor Samson O. Gbuyiro 

By Boluwatife Oparinde 

At the 2024 Annual Workers' Summit of Christ Apostolic Church Olorunsogo English Assembly, Mushin, Lagos held on Workers' Day, May 1st, the Director of Youth Affairs, CAC Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Samson O. Gbuyiro, has stressed that there's no problem today's church faces today than unsaved souls holding titles in the church.

Pastor Gbuyiro who explained that unsaved souls become the problem of the church and headache for the Pastor, emphasized that it is wrong to delegate responsibilities on church workers only because of their zeal.

Speaking on the topic "Zealous and Knowledgeable Workers", he added that "Zeal must be subjected to knowledge. What knowledge will do is to refine it (zeal). It takes knowledge for natural zeal to be refined, and when knowledge comes up on the heart of a man, it will form."

Expositing John 2:14-17, the cleric alluded the premise of Jesus' zeal as knowledge, saying "a market is a place of noise where everyone claims his/her right. We don't expect that such a place will be the right place to fellowship with the holy God. To show them that was not the pattern or purpose of heaven, He chased out those buying and selling."

According to him, the event being a fulfillment of Psalms 69:9, shows that "in Jesus, we see a zealous man with knowledge. Jesus showed zeal, and people saw His passion for the work of God but it wasn't without knowledge."

He also alluded to Paul in Romans 9:1,2 as speaking "as a knowledgeable believer and also from experience."

Speaking to the workers, he said "What brought us to Christian service is impact. I am not just there as a worker because somebody has to do it. I need to understand that I have come to occupy a very sensitive position not for ourselves but for God. We come to Christian service primarily for impact."

"There is a pursuit of Christian service that every worker must understand. It is fundamental to know that the Christian faith is a journey that leads to a particular and specific destination."

He noted the following as steps for one to follow in the pursuit of Christianity: hear the gospel of Christ, accepting Christ, learning Jesus, knowing Christ, following Christ, becoming like Christ and the pursuit of Christian service.

"It is not easy to follow somebody you don't know. You need to know somebody before you follow him. When you resolve to follow somebody, the result is to be like him. When we become like Christ, we reflect and manifest Christ. Reflecting Christ, manifesting Christ is the definition of Christian service.

Christian service is not doing what you know, it is not doing what you think, it is not doing what people love. It is reflecting and manifesting just one person - Christ."

Explaining further, the Youth Director said "when you manifest zeal without knowledge, it is like burning your own fingers. As Christian workers, we must be zealous and at the same time, knowledgeable."

He also noted that the law of reading and studying, law of continuous learning, law of doing and living, law of commitment and discipline, law of believing, and law of meditation as ways to access knowledge.

Pastor Gbuyiro charged the workers that "whatever you are doing, be at your best. Our living must first be to live for God, every other thing should be secondary."

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