Never look up to any man, but Jesus for deliverance, Prophet Adeniji charges at Orogun Crusade


Prophet J.A. Adeniji

By 'Gbenga Bankole

It was a day of prophetic declaration and deliverance yesterday at the day one of regional crusade organised by the World Evangelistic Outreach of Christ Apostolic Church, Orogun Region (Osun State).

The crusade holding at St John's Anglican School, Ikorodu, Osun State with the theme 'I am Delivered' was well attended by people from nooks and crannies of Ikire and its environment. 

The programme was declared opened by the Regional Superintendent of CAC Orogun region, Pastor E.S. Famuyide. 

General Evangelist of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas, Prophet Hezekiah O. Oladeji who was unavoidably absent was represented by the Regional Revivalist of Babajide Region, Prophet J.A. Adeniji.

While ministering on theme of the crusade, 'I am Delivered' taking his text from Acts 12:8-10, Prophet Adeniji said if there is no bondage, there is nothing like deliverance, and anyone who needs deliverance is in bondage.

He noted that when Apostle Peter was in bondage, the church was praying powerfully for him which means prayer is a powerful tool to be free from bondage.

Speaking on Power in Bondage, the Cleric said bondage is an instrument the devil uses to punish his prey and is the source of the series of battles that appears in one's life.

He further said the powerful one of darkness put people's lives in bondage, an arrow from the kingdom of darkness which is hard to be detected. 

Prophet Adeniji said that sin can put one in bondage, adding that bondage is more powerful than the person in it and is an evil spirit which appears in different ways. 

Commenting on the secret in deliverance, Prophet Adeniji said "it is the power of freedom from one's life and it's the way to do what your heart desires," noting that "you can't do what pleases you in bondage, but only in deliverance."

He stated that "it's the key that opens one's life, the way to bring one's vision come to pass and the pathway to success."

According to him, "Jesus is the source of deliverance. Man can't deliver you. Why many linger in bondage is because they want man to take the glory that belongs to Jesus. It's Jesus that takes the glory. If you expect your deliverance from man, it won't happen. Jesus Christ is the deliverer, not man. The woman with the issue of blood only obeyed the authority of Jesus Christ, not any man."

The crusade continues at the same venue today with the CAC General Evangelist ministering.

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