Don't follow any leader who does not follow Jesus Christ, Pastor Asokeji implores Christians

Pastor T.D. Asokeji 

Making reference to 1st Corinthians chapter 11 verse 1 where Apostle Paul says "Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ," the Special Assistant to the President of Christ Apostolic Church, Pastor T.D. Asokeji has implored Christians not to follow any leader who is not a follower of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Asokeji who is also the Chaplain of CAC All Saints' Chapel, CAC General Secretariat, Ibadan said this last weekend at the 2023 Edition of the Annual Leaders Summit of the church which is part of activities to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of CAC All Saints' Chapel.

Giving the closing remark at the programme, Pastor Asokeji said no matter how gifted or powerful a leader can speak, if he or she is not following Jesus Christ, nobody should follow such leader.

"Any leader who asks you to follow him and he is not following Christ is not your leader. No matter how gifted or powerful he can speak, if he is not following Christ, don't follow him. That is why we need to know Jesus personally. If your leader asks you to do something that can't be found in the Bible, don't do it. Be like the Berean Christians. As Christians we are not like some people who say 'our Imam said', 'our Pastors said'. We must know what the Bible says," the Clergyman stated.

He further said that one of the reasons believers should attend Bible Study is for spiritual growth. 

Pastor Asokeji admonished Christians to try to know who mentored their leader, explaining that; "if you are following a person, try to know who mentored him or her. Nobody is self made. Even Jesus Christ always make reference to God."

Speaking on loyalty, Pastor Asokeji said; "there must be a reason why you are loyal to a person or to a course. That is what will keep you going when difficult times come. As a worker in church, if you don not have a purpose,you won't be committed for long. It's purpose that will drive continuity. Christianity has survived till now because people have found purpose to follow Christ."

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