Happy birthday to District Superintendent, CAC Gashua District, Pastor Omoasegun


Pastor [Dr.] Olu Mike Omoasegun


It’s another historic and joyous day for the family of Pastor Omoasegun and the entire members of CAC Gashua as Pastor [Dr.] Olu Mike Omoasegun, the District Superintendent of CAC Yobe District celebrate his 52nd Birthday.

Mike Omoasegun is a dynamic Pastor, Teacher of God’s words and Writer/Author of more than 100 books. His ministration, both locally, online and outreach has always been one with great testimonies by the attendants.

Pastor Omoasegun who does not believe in impossibility but believes that every child is a product and destiny for greatness and also adores all-round Success, growth, spirituality, faith, servant leadership, and Kingdom Principles spread through his ministrations and publications. He develops and teaches personal development which motivated, encouraged and makes hundreds of people realized their God given skill and fulfilling their purpose in their daily living, businesses, academics and spiritual life.

His Biography

Mike Omoasegun who’s an indigene of Okemesi-Ekiti born on 14 December 1970, he attended St. Paul African Primary School, Okemesi-Ekiti between 1976 and 1981, Okemesi Grammar School, Okemesi-Ekiti from 1982 to 1987. He received call to the ministry in 1996 and started working as tutelage underthe mentorship of Pastor J.A.D. Adeyeyeat CAC Oke-Irapada Nariya Kaduna. He attended CAC Theological Seminary Ile-ife, graduated in 2001. He was ordained as a Pastor in Christ Apostolic Church on December 4th, 2001, and promoted by the CAC Authority as District Superintendent in 2018.

Pastor Mike Omoasegun has pastored in the following assemblies:

§  CAC Oke-Irapada Nariya, Kaduna, 1998 (Teacher)

§  CAC Prayer and Action Ibadan between 1999 and 2001 (Evangelist)

§  CAC Prayer and Action Suleja Niger State, 2001 and 2002

§  CAC the Author of Life Deidei Abuja, 2002 and 2003

§  CAC Mandala Hqrts, Mandala Niger State, 2003-2006

§  CAC Hill of Joy, Duala Junction, Jos, Plateau State 2006 and 2008

§  CAC Hill of Light Eto-Baba, Jos, Plateau State, January – August 2009.

§  CAC Kakuri DCC Hqrts, 2009 to 2014.

§  CAC English Assembly Canaan Land, Kano 2014 to 2018

§  CAC Mount of Mercy, Gashua, 2018 till date.


Pastor Omoasegun has a triple PhD (Doctor in Biblical Studies [2014] from Bible University),Doctor of Biblical Theology from Beulah Theological Seminary USA [2017], and PhD in Christian Leadership [2018]. Master in Business Administration from European Open University Germany [2022], Master in Biblical Studies [2012], and Master in Christian Evangelism from Bold University USA [2015], Bachelor of Biblical Studies, and Bachelor in Christian Evangelism [2011, and 2016 respectively].

In 2014, he was appointed as Promotional Coordinator for University of Jerusalem, and in 2016 appointed as president of Bible University, and became Leadership Management Professor in 2015. Mike Omoasegun has authored more than 100 books, several research papers, andalso the co-author of “Christ Throughout Africa” with Dr. Tony Hyman from South Africa.

In 2021, Olu Mike Omoasegun was appointed as Grand and Projects Advisor by International Organization for Human Right Development and Environment [IOHRDE] Nigeria, Vice-Faculty Director by the Way of the Cross International Pentecostal Bible University Malawi, W/CBA Professional National Director by Humanitarian/International Religion Affairs [Nigeria chapter], Secretary Special Marshal Corps of Road Safety Nigeria Gashua Unit, Member of the Governing Council of International Organization for Human Right Development and Environment [IOHRDE] Nigeria, and a member of the Goodnews Spreaders International South Africa.


This man of God has received numerous awards both locally and international which includes:

§  The Best Global Principal Award 2022 for Dedication and Exemplary Contribution towards Worldwide Education by International Internship University, Australia.

§  Outstanding ISDGC 2022 Leader Award, in the 2nd International SDG Conference: Living sustainability Transform the World by the International Internship University (IIU), 19 – 30 September, 2022

§  Award of Excellence in Kingdom Service 2022 in recognition of his love, faithful, service to God, ISOMAL, and the Body of Christ, in commemoration of ISOMAL 10th anniversary by International School of Missions & Leadership, Enugu, Nigeria, September 2022.

§  Peace Envoy of Rkmpii Award 2022, for Spreading the Mission of Peace and to Initiate the Culture of Peace through “Talk and Walk” harnessing Culture, Arts, Literature, Sports, and Tourism as the Platform to Empower, Captivate, Inspire, and Motivate the Children and Youth, and every man and woman on earth for the Culture of Peace Initiative, given by Royal Kutai Mulawarman Peace International Institute Inc. February 4, 2022

§  KGNHSSF’s Inspiration Award, KGN Humanity Social Services Foundation & Goal Acquisition Institute, March 5, 2022

§  Global Talent ICON Award, KGN Humanity Social Services Foundation & Goal Acquisition Institute, March 13, 2022

§  KGN Best Humanitarian Award 2022, KGN Humanity Social Services Foundation & Goal Acquisition Institute, March 6, 2022

§  Honorary Excellence Award 2022, in recognition and appreciation of commendable contribution in the field of Social Work, b KGN Humanity Social Services Foundation, March 13, 2022

§  Rising Star of the Year 2022 Award for commendable contribution in the field of Social Work by KGN Humanity Social Services Foundation & Goal Acquisition Institute, March 10, 2022

§  Inspiring Speaker Award 2021 for his contribution to India’s WarAgainst COVID-19 Virtual Campaign 2021 organized by the WorldPeaceCommission USA

§  Corona Warrior Award for Outstanding Efforts to Fight COVID-19 Pandemic by Society for Rural and Urban Development through Holistic Approach [SRADHA] Trust, India, 2021

§  Award of Excellence from CREMI Theological Seminary Ilorin Nigeria 2021

§  Award of Excellence for contribution to the International Virtual NGO Management Conference 2021 organized by Royal Academic of Global Peace USA,

§  Award of Excellence Performance at 2021 Webinar on ‘Make the Habit… Habit Will Make You” by Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Bengaluru India etc.

Presently, Omoasegun is the Chairman CPFN/PFN Bade Chapter, and Vice-Chairman Christian Association of Nigeria [CAN] Bade Local Government.He is married to Mrs. Peace B. Omoasegun and blessed with godly children.


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