Your work can't be established by immortalising yourself, do the work in God's way, Pastor Oladele urges ministers


Pastor Samuel O. Oladele 

 "If the Lord will establish our work we must do His work purposefully. Our work cannot be established by immortalising ourselves, but by doing the work in God's way," President, Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele told minsters at inauguration of Sophia-Ajayi Region and induction of Pastor S.I. Jayeoba as pioneer Superintendent on Sunday August 7, 2022 in Ekiti State.

Ministering on the topic "The Well of Jacob" taken from John 4:1-4, the President also said the benefits we enjoy today is not by our power but by inheritance, saying that we are like the children of the Israelites who occupied houses they never built after leaving Egypt.

He noted that everything we enjoy today in CAC is by inheritance, they depend on the labour and sacrifices of our forefathers and mothers.

"Let us always remember we won't have been here today if not for some people who were here yesterday. Many people today don't want to acknowledge people who came before them. If the past generations were not there we won't be where we are today," he said.

Pastor Oladele said before the advent of Jesus Christ the well had been there for 1700 years, noting that the well was, all through those years, fulfilling its purpose. 

He added that "you have a purpose to fulfill as an individual and as a church member. We need to ask ourselves from time to time the purpose of being here. Many people have come and gone without fulfilling the purpose of God for their lives or leaving good inheritance. We should be doing the same thing the generations that have gone before us did."

On the present state of the well of Jacob, the President said: "the well has been there for 3700 years, even till date. It remains intact till date. Let us all ask ourselves the question: 'will my work for the Lord last?"

Pastor Oladele illustrated the story of when he was traveling from Ibadan to Aramoko-Ekiti some years ago and it got to a time they lost count of Apostle Babalola's picture on signboards along the road, asking that "if Babalola lived a reckless life like some of us, will anyone use his picture on a signboard?"

According to him, some ministers work for the temporary and ephemeral things, not doing things that will endure.

"Jacob built the well under difficulty. No modern facility, and yet he built a well that was 90 feet deep. Even today with modern technology it will be difficult to do so. As we inaugurate this region, I want to urge you all to work no matter how the terrain is. The ministry is not an easy calling. We have to work under difficulty. The well of Jacob gave Jesus comfort. Many ministers can't be trusted. Instead of them to be solution to people they are problems. The Regional Superintendent and all the Superintendents should do the kind of work that will give Christ comfort. For this region to progress, let us labour, not minding the difficulty on our way. Let us labour in honesty with integrity with all our might just to please God so that we will not receive condemnation when He comes," he concluded.

Below is Pastor Oladele's ministration:

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