2022 International Youth Conference: Pastor Aroge emphasizes necessities for discipleship in marriage, says it's a school where no one graduates


Pastor E. K. Aroge

By Boluwatife Oparinde

The Pastor-in-charge, Christ Apostolic Church, Orisun Anu, Ganmo DCC, Ilorin, Kwara State, Pastor E. K. Aroge has emphasized on the necessities for discipleship in marriage, saying that it is a school where no one graduates but a school of process.

Pastor Aroge expressed that discipleship is key and important for a blissful marriage, stating that whoever is not informed will be deformed.

The cleric made this emphasis on Thursday, 4th July, 2022, while giving a lecture on the topic, "Discipleship: The Process For A Blissful Marriage" at the ongoing Christ Apostolic Church Youth Fellowship (CACYOF) International Youth Conference and Thanksgiving Celebration for Babajide Region (comprising of Kogi and Kwara States) holding at CAC Oke Isegun, Babajide Regional Headquarters, Odo-Owa, Kwara State.

Taking his text from Isaiah 51:1-2, the cleric said that, "today's Christians have neglected what it means to be a disciple of Christ. The vast majority of today's Christians are just church members, pew-fillers, hymn/chorus singers, praise worshipers, sermon tasters, Bible readers, even born again believers but not true Disciples of Christ. The main purpose why our Lord Jesus Christ came to the world is not to make ordinary believers but disciples."

The Guest Lecturer, who is also the Royal Shepherd Chaplain, Ganmo DCC, stated that there is a difference between fans of Christ and followers of Christ, expressing that, "there is a difference between a believer and a disciple. A believer only believes in and acknowledges the words of Jesus but does not take up and practice what He (Jesus) teaches. Many people followed Jesus and listened to His teachings but He had only twelve disciples and later seventy. There were multitudes following Him but a few were disciples. Most of today's church members are mere multitudes in our churches."

According to the clergyman, discipleship "is the process of nurturing and bringing up believers to follow the teachings and the lifestyle of Jesus Christ in order to become like Him in all ways. Discipleship helps believers to become spiritually mature and reach unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. It is a lifetime process that we don't graduate from."

Stating the aims and purpose of Discipleship, Pastor Aroge listed, "to make believers abandon their lifestyles of sin and live holy lives. To raise Christ-like believers who are committed to Him in all circumstances and situations of life. To make believers grow from childishness to spiritual maturity. To make believers learn sound doctrines of the Scriptures. To prepare believers for the work of evangelism and soul winning. To turn believers into vessels and instruments for the work of the ministry - the 5 fold ministry. To prepare believers for the coming of Christ and heaven through godly character."

He counselled the youths that, "There is the tendency for many youths to feel that the subject of marriage has nothing to do with discipleship and vice versa. However, there is a very close connection between the two. Let us state it here categorically that a brother or sister who has not been properly discipled cannot be a good marriage partner and cannot build a blissful marriage that is spiritually acceptable to God. As stated above, it is the process of discipleship that makes a person abandon his/her lifestyle of sin/carnality and live a holy life. It also makes the person grow from childishness to spiritual."

Describing the necessities for marriage in discipleship, the cleric announced that, "discipleship means intimate spiritual relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Discipleship or spiritual commitment becomes increasingly demanding as Christians grow in grace and in spiritual maturity. Carnality will bring in a lot of problems into your marriage. Most frictions and conflicts in marriage are products of carnality. It takes a brother who is a genuine disciple of Christ to display sincere Christ like love to his wife and not be given to selfishness. The call to discipleship is a call to self denial. Your ability to give marital pleasure and fulfillment to your spouse lies greatly in your readiness to deny yourself and make a lot of sacrifices for your spouse but this can never be possible for anyone who is not a disciple."

"Marriage entails many difficulties (issues, situations and circumstances) that can only be properly handled by spiritually matured couples who have undergone proper discipleship. Marital blissfulness and fulfillment can only be guaranteed by the spiritual growth and maturity of a couple and this can only be achieved through discipleship. A spiritually immature brother will find it difficult to handle and cope with some pressures and responsibilities of marriage such as adequate finances, crisis management, leadership, decision making, and others. It is more likely for a woman's spiritual level to drop after some years of marriage due to child care, household chores, work pressures and other demands. Your spiritual level or quality will attract the same type of partner to you in marriage, then you will have the practical experience and understanding of all that we are emphasizing now. It will be extremely difficult for you to achieve God's purpose and mandate for your life if your spouse is not a disciple of Christ," he said. 

Pastor Aroge concluded that, "It is possible for you to ignore all that we are emphasizing in this teaching now and get married to just any brother or sister who is neither a serious believer nor a disciple but a time will surely come when you will come to understand and appreciate this eternal truth. At such a time, it is our sincere prayers that you will not live to regret your choice in marriage. Get it right, now, open your eyes wide and let the Holy Spirit lead you aright so that you can enjoy a blissful marital union with unending honeymoon and fulfillment of God's plan for your life."

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