CAC Authority directive on prayer for Nigeria receives massive compliance, as Ministers commend Authority for directive


By 'Gbenga Bankole

The directive of Authority of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas that all assemblies of the Church should pray fervently for Nigeria on Sunday June 26, 2022 recorded massive compliance. 

It would be recalled that in a circular signed by the General Secretary of CAC Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Emmanuel E. Mapur, the Authority said that in view of the incessant security challenges our nation is facing, the Lord has sent a message to all Christ Apostolic Church members that because of His Covenant with our forebears in the Church, we are to set a day aside to pray fervently for our Nation.

CAC News exclusively gathered through our social media surveillance that majority of our assemblies were obedient to this directive as they prayed fervently for the nation which some of them even did with fasting. 

We can authoritatively report that over 1000 assemblies of the church across the globe observed the prayer. 

The Superintendent of CAC Yaba Districts' Coordinating Council (DCC), Pastor S.E.A. Oludare in an exclusive chat with CAC News said the instruction of the Church Authority to pray for Nigeria received a massive compliance.  

He noted that this directive is very timely and most needed for our nation Nigeria because of the blood bath going on unabated in every part of the nation.  

"Another major reason why this directive was well received was because it is a total departure and a paradigm shift from the formart of such instructions from the past because the churches were not told to collect money and send it to the Headquarters. Most ministers used to feel that the Church leaders wanted to raise funds but use prayer directive for a cover. The directive today was purely for prayers and prayers alone. I am not saying we should not be loyal to the Headquarters but not all prayer directives should attract money. I have friends overseas who said they too observed the prayers today. This is to prove that we all complied except for those who did not get the information," he said. 

Pastor Oludare also stated that the compliance was much easier because the last Sunday of every month is usually a Prayer Sunday in most traditional CAC assemblies. 

"We salute the ingenuity of our leaders for choosing a good day for the prayers. If the Church does not pray, who will pray? That is our calling, that is our duty, we are commissioned to pray for our nation and our national leaders (Psalm 122: 6)," he concluded.

In an exclusive chat with CAC News, the Superintendent of CAC Maiduguri DCC, Pastor Samuel A. Olajugba appreciated God Almighty for speaking through the authorities of our great mission to pray for our beloved nation, Nigeria, adding that this message was really timely as we all know that CAC has vital roles to play in the stability of this Country. 

"My feeling is through passion and authentic assurance submitting to the authority without any prejudice that all our assemblies that I know really complied with the highest esteemed obedience because they all know that the nation is at the stage of collapsing," he stressed.

According to him, there is no doubt about it that the Church needs to pray for this nation, saying that the only hope for this nation now is to engage ourselves in tireless prayer activities both private and public. 

He further said that Nigeria is not safe anymore except the Lord intervene very quickly. 

"The economic situation of the nation is down and getting worse everyday, Naira to Dollar is beyond our imagination. Shedding innocent blood has become the order of the day. May God save us. Atrocities of every kind comes up every day everywhere in this nation, God have mercy! All our spiritual leaders still need to intensify more on this through faith in God, Nigeria and Nigerians shall be delivered in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen," he concluded.

The minister in charge of English Mega Assembly, CAC Oke-Ado DCC headquarters, Pastor Ologunaye-Jacobs in a chat with CAC News said he would want to believe the sacrosanct nature of the directive which shouldn't be jettisoned by any of our assemblies as "thus says the LORD" was what our Church was/is built on.

He added: "of course, as you all know that not all Israel are of Israel (Romans 9:6) there's bound to be some unspiritually censored persons who would believe they still need a god to come and speak to them after the order had been passed which needs to be taken as such, before they can comply but to obey is far better (1 Samuel 15:22-23)."

According to him, the Church needs to pray for Nigeria at a time like this when things are becoming an unbecoming. 

He noted that our great mission had been known for her spiritual responsiveness to the voice of God as it relates to the nation which has never been discarded at anytime.

"Nigeria is our own 'Jerusalem' which needs to be prayed for (Psalm 122:6). The Church has not done contrary by praying for the nation however, it's a welcome move and thanks to God for the right time prompting," he concluded.

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