Christianity is not passport out of pain, troubles of life, says Pastor Oladele


CAC President, Pastor Samuel O. Oladele

By Pastor Ayodeji Oni 

The President of Christ Apostolic Church, Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor S. O. Oladele has said Christianity is not the passport out of pain and the troubles of life.

He further stated that those who preach that you should pray against persecution and your persecutors are deceiving you.

Pastor Oladele stated this on Sunday, 29th of May, 2022, at the One year anniversary thanksgiving of CAC All Sants Chapel, where the President worships.

He further emphasized that when you endure persecution and become victorious, you shall be, as the bible says, like a Kingdom that cannot be shaken.

Pastor Oladele said that persecution is good because it unsettles and stirs our nests and scatters us abroad, leading to the spread of the gospel.

He said that the early Christians in Jerusalem were so comfortable at that time, and that the God allowed Persecution so that the people could be stired up.

The clergyman told the story of the mother eagle who built nests for its children and destroys the nests after some time; implying that the mother eagle wants the children to be independent and fend for themselves.

The President said God also comes like the mother eagle and stirs our nest and unsettles us, such that people scatter in different directions resulting to the spread of the gospel.

He said that the early Christians at Jerusalem would have remained in perpetual darkness if their nests were not stired; quoting the scriptures that say when the Holy Spirit shall come upon you, you shall witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and all over the world.

Pastor Oladele said that they were too comfortable and God raised persecution against them; stating that you should rejoice when persecuted.

He continued that Simon the Sorcerer was bewitching the people in Samaria (Acts 8); furthering that in the cities of the world, Satan bewitches people through deceit, worldy pleasure, lust of flesh, lust of the eyes, and that all one needs in life is Jesus Christ.

The CAC President concluded with three types of Joy, Joy that has foundation in Christ (soul-winning); the joy that has the element of lasting duration; and the joy that has in it the deposit of eternal joy.

In his address at the occasion, the Chaplain of CAC All Saints' Chapel, Pastor T.D. Asokeji said the inaugural service of the assembly, held on Sunday May 2, 2021 had in attendance 103 worshippers- 13 Pastors, 43 Men, 31 Women and 16 Children. 

He further said that;"that was not the actual beginning of All Saints' Chapel as we learnt that approval had been given since year 2015 for worship to commence herein. However, we know that the Lord opened the door for us to be blessed here, in the time appointed. To the glory of God right from the very beginning we have had valid testimonies of God's faithfulness in terms of growth and multiplication on every side- numerical and spiritual. Yet, we believe that the best is yet to come (1 Corinthians 2:9.)." 

The Special Assistant to CAC President thanked the Church Authority, led by the President, Pastor Oladele for the privilege given him to pioneer this great vision. He also extend his appreciation to the Regional Superintendent of Babalola Region, Pastor J.O. Ogunwuyi, various DCC and Zonal Superintendents in the region for the support received.

"We acknowledge the invaluable and continued support of our father Pastor G.S. Dada whose DCC - Oke Ibukun, Oke Ado - gave us some of our first set of Choir and Ushers to commence service in this chapel. I thank our mother, wife of the President, Mama S.K. Oladele for always praying for us and encouraging us; as well as our mummy, wife of the General Superintendent, Mummy M.F. Odejobi. I thank my associates (Pastors and Evangelist) and their wives for the support and loyalty. I thank my wife and children for believing in my God. We thank every member of this Church for being loyal, steadfast, obedient and willing to always give their best for the service and glory of the Lord," he stated.

He said that as they begin their second year, they trust God for Grace to run the race and promise to stay true to Jesus all the way while He builds His Church (Matthew 16:18).

The Cleric concluded by saying;"we are very confident that God will do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that works in (Ephesians 3:20)."

The programmme had in attendance the President of CAC Nigeria and Overseas, Pastor Oladele and his wife, Special Assistant to the President, Pastor Asokeji and his wife, wife of the General Superintendent, Mrs. Mariam Odejobi, the General Evangelist, Prophet Hezekiah O. Oladeji and his wife, General Secretary, Pastor Emmanuel E. Mapur and wife, Finance Director, Pastor Johnson F. Omitinde and his wife, Regional Superintendent of Babalola Region, Pastor Ogunwuyi, Music Director of CAC, Pastor Tope Dada, Superintendent of Sanngo DCC, Pastor J.B. Agunbiade, renowned gospel singer, Pastor J.A. Adelakun and many others.

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